A brief history of the development of roller skates you don’t know

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The earliest roller skates for women can be traced back to 1100 years ago, more than 900 years ago. They mainly used bones to be mounted on the soles of long leather boots to help hunters hunt in winter. Six hundred years later, in 1700, the Scotsman Dodgeman (Dutchman), in order to be able to skate in summer as well as in winter, attached a long spool of nails to his shoes, and the world’s first pair of skates was born. Also in this year, Edinburgh established the world’s first ice skating club.

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Then in 1760, the first inline skates appeared. A London musical instrument maker named Joseph Merlin made a pair of metal boots with wheels and was thinking of skating and playing the violin at the ball, but he didn’t know how to brake and crashed into a mirror directly ahead. Later, in 1819 and 1823, a Frenchman M.Peitibled designed a pair of single-row roller skates with two or three wheels in a straight line, and then an Englishman Robert John (Robert John) designed a pair. Five-wheeled inline skates, which he himself calls “rolito”. But like the French’s designs, his roller skates never caught on.
In 1863, the American James invented the first pair of double-row roller skates. The four wheels are divided into two groups, the front and the rear. For various actions, double-row four-wheel roller skates are also widely used roller skates until now. Many roller skates, such as roller skating, figure roller skating and extreme roller skating, use double-row roller skates as sports equipment.

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Although the inline skates have a long history, the inline skates that are really used by everyone were only officially produced in 1980 after the birth of double inline skates and became popular nearly a hundred years later. They were invented by two hockey players in Minnesota, USA. They found a pair of early inline wheels in a sporting goods store, and they thought this design would be very suitable for ice hockey training in the summer when there was no ice, so they modified it and put the wheels on Inside the chassis, the first pair of inline skates was born. In 1994, inline skates with ABT simple braking system were put on the market, making the roller skates more suitable for all age groups and better sports performance.