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Roller Dance

Roller dance is a combination of double-row roller skating combined with Locking popping Hiphop Breaking Free style and other dance styles. It has become an emerging trend in the development of street culture in the United States. Roll dance can be classified into JamSkating with partial body movements and JB Skating with partial wheel movements. These types of roller skates for women are very special.

Jamskating became popular in the United States in the 1970s with the rise of disco, so it was also called roller disco.

As the disco craze in the 1980s gradually receded, jamskating began to add elements such as breakdance. Later, with the rise of American street culture, jamskating gradually joined hip-hop (hip-hop, breaking, popping, locking, jazz, house, krump) , reggae, c-walk, etc.), Latin dance, modern dance, ballet and other dances. At the same time, due to the birth of other new sports with various tricks, jamskating also joined Chinese martial arts, Indian yoga, rhythmic gymnastics, Brazilian war dance, Melbourne shuffle dance, parkour, roller skating (figure roller skating, flat roller skating, roller dance, etc. ) and other ornamental talents are integrated and gradually evolved into today’s jamskating in the 21st century.

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The basic movements of Roller Dance
Because there are too many talent projects integrated by jamskating, and the continuous innovation of players from all over the world, there are countless fancy moves. The requirements for roller skates are also particularly high.
It can be mainly divided into three categories:
1. Basic footwork — including kick (kick), crazy leg (crazy leg), iceberg (iceberg), etc.
2. Basic modeling — including freeze (freeze frame), touch the water, falling eagle, etc. 3. Basic skills — including rotation, jumping, handstand and so on.
Player Profile
Players who play jamskating are called jamskater.
Play jamskating mainly using Hip-Hop music.
Because jamskating is a new type of sport that is inclusive, regardless of age, gender, or age, as long as you have a hobby, you can enjoy it to the fullest, so it has become a popular sport in the United States, in parks, squares, and ice skating rinks. Jamskater can be seen everywhere, and every year a worldwide jamskating competition is held with a high prize money.

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game mode

The jamskating competition is mainly divided into exhibition competition and battle competition.

The exhibition competition is divided into: single competition, double competition, triple competition, team competition, (sometimes subdivided into men’s competition, women’s competition, children’s competition).

Perform a piece of music with their own fancy moves.

Battles are divided into: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, team vs team.

Divided into two sides, each shows fancy moves, and the referee stretches out his left hand or right hand to determine which side wins. The number of referees is an odd number. jamskating in various countries

Due to the international popularity of Breaksk8, a youth inspirational team, and the continuous increase in the number of fans, jamskating has also become popular in countries around the world, which has directly prompted the emergence of various player styles in the jamskating movement.

In China, many new roller skating players who like to play new roller skating have come to know breaksk8 because of the program of Tian Tian Xiang, and they have also begun to enter the jamskating circle. More and more men and women, young and old, are beginning to turn the old-fashioned roller skating game into a new style of jamskating figure skating.

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