Advice for beginners in roller skating

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Roller skates are divided into single row and double row. The single row should pay attention to sliding up and see the figure line from the front, as long as you stand up and push hard.

The double-row is different. It seems that the double-row is better than the single-row. In fact, it is not like that. The double-row uses one foot as the axis and the other pedals vigorously, which can be exchanged and changed!

To learn in several steps, if you have never experienced the feeling of sliding backwards, you must learn from stepping backwards.

  1. Step backwards. Bring your toes together, separate your heels into a figure-eight shape, bend your knees slightly, and keep your upper body straight. Lift your feet and walk backwards, keeping your toes inward during the splay. This action should be able to walk easily, keep the upper body upright, and slide slightly.

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2. Rear gourd. Stand firmly with your toes close together in a figure-of-eight shape, with your upper body upright, your arms naturally open, and your knees slightly bent inward and together. Open the thighs hard to the outside, slide the legs back, to shoulder width, then turn the knees out, and continue to use the thighs to retract the feet. At this time, the heels are close together, the toes are outward, and the splayed feet are outward. During the entire movement, the center of gravity is in the middle of the feet, and the legs are exerted together, and the feet do not leave the ground. Then repeat the above actions. The rear gourd should be practiced until it can slide and have a certain speed, and there is no pause when the middle feet change direction. This has certain requirements for the quality of roller skates for women.
3. After the curve. This movement is an exercise in moving the center of gravity and an exercise in acceleration. Or prepare your feet with your toes close together, move your center of gravity to one foot, and use the other foot to push your center of gravity leg to slide out. It feels a bit like the rear gourd, but the center of gravity is on one leg. After pushing the leg of the center of gravity, the pushing leg should be retracted from the ground, then turn the center of gravity to the leg that was originally pushed, continue to push with the other leg, then retract, push the legs alternately, and move the center of gravity left and right. This action needs to be practiced until the upper body remains upright, the center of gravity can move left and right smoothly, and the slide is fast.
4. Back kick. Similar to the rear curve, but the rear foot is lifted and retracted when pushed out.

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  1. Back step. The hardest move in backslide basics. This action is used to accelerate when turning. Turn left with left foot behind and right foot forward. Turn right with your right foot behind and your left foot in front. Take a right turn as an example, the body is facing the center of the circle, the right hand is in front of the body, the left hand is behind the body (gliding direction), the right foot is the center of gravity, the left foot is pushed out to push the right foot to slide, and the left foot slides from the front of the right foot into the right foot. On the right side, the center of gravity is shifted to the left foot at this time, the right foot is taken out from the left side of the left foot, and placed back next to the left foot, and the left foot continues to repeat the previous action. If you can learn the above actions and practice them well, you are already a “master” in the ice rink.

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