Are you sure you really understand roller skates?

Skates Are Suitable For Indoor Use

Roller skates are mainly divided into upper and lower shoes. The upper shoe is the part above the knife holder, mainly the shoe body, including the shoe shell, inner bladder, brake pads, etc. The lower shoe is the part below the lower shoe, which mainly includes the knife holder, wheels, bearings, nails and so on. Let’s go into details below.

The shoe shell is one of the main components of roller skates. Generally, the shoe shell of the shoe is hard, and the common hollow design has the effect of ventilation and perspiration. For children’s roller skates, the shoe shell generally has a telescopic effect and can be used to adjust the size of the roller skates. However, the size of the shoe shell of hard shell shoes remains unchanged due to long-term use, and the inner bladder is easily stretched. It will be greatly reduced, so for high-end shoes, the body of the shoe is generally soft, which can be fastened by buckles, Velcro, etc., and the battery life of the foot wrapping will change for a long time.

Adult Outdoor Skates
The ankle area above the shell is clinker, and some high-end roller skates for women are carbon fiber. The function of CUFF is to fix the roller skates and the feet. It has a very good effect on the improvement of the wrapping and the compression toughness. If the mushroom nails of the CUFF fall, there is a situation that it is easy to slide up during the exercise. , unfavorable for practice movements.
The lower shoe part includes the knife holder and pulley. There are many types of tool holders, and different types of tool holders are designed with different shapes. The hollow design is to reduce the weight of the roller skates and has a certain aesthetics. The knife holder is also divided into a flat frame and a banana frame. The flat frame refers to the installation of wheels of the same size, and the four wheels touch the ground at the same time. This configuration Known as the flat wheel configuration, the flat wheel configuration has good stability during the sliding process, while for the banana clip, when the same size wheels are installed, only the middle two wheels touch the ground. Of course, two ends can also be installed on the flat frame. Small, middle and large wheels are used to configure the banana wheel configuration. The stability of the banana wheel will be reduced, but it has high flexibility.

Roller Skates For Girls With Lights

Wheels are composed of wheel meat and hubs. Poor hub design is easy to break during high-intensity roller skating actions, which is extremely dangerous. Now, different types of wheels on the market generally have the same hub design. The wheel meat of different types of wheels is also very different. The soft wheels have a certain grip and are suitable for fancy piling projects.

There are also many types of bearings. Generally, the original bearings of novice shoes have low precision, which are mainly reflected in the aspects of speed, endurance, and sealing. Good bearings cost hundreds of dollars.

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