As a beginner, how to choose the right roller skates for you?

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As a roller skating enthusiast, the purchase of roller skates must be based on your actual needs.

Before buying, it is best to clarify the following questions:

  1. What is your actual budget

    Before buying anything, you must make a budget in advance, and the budget directly determines the final purchase result.

    According to different types and grades, the price of a pair of ordinary roller skates ranges from one or two hundred yuan to two or three thousand yuan. The higher the price, the better the materials used in the roller skates, the higher the wearing comfort, and the better the performance.

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2. Which type of roller skates should you choose?
For roller skating novice, it is generally not recommended to choose speed skating shoes. As for other types of roller skating shoes, whether it is casual shoes, flat shoes, FSK shoes or extreme shoes, if it is not strictly required, novices can try it. However, due to the high flexibility of flat shoes, it is recommended to use flat wheels when using them.
It is recommended that you can choose non-professional-level roller skates for women at the beginning, and then choose professional-level shoes with better comprehensive performance after you have a certain basic entry.
In addition to which type of roller skates to choose, newbies can also consider roller skates with upgrade space when purchasing roller skates, so that if the performance of tool holders, wheels, bearings, etc. is not ideal after a period of use, they can replace and upgrade by themselves. Of course, You can also upgrade to bigger and better wheels or finer bearings to make the skates work better.

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  1. How to determine the size of roller skates

    Generally speaking, if you are a novice in roller skating, choose roller skates with the same foot length as the inner length of the roller skates. If you already have a certain foundation, you can choose a slightly smaller size (recommended half a size or one size smaller) with better wrapping roller skates. It is recommended that when purchasing, it is best to try on both feet at the same time, so that the feet do not sway in the roller skates.
  2. How to choose roller skating protective gear

    From a safety point of view, roller skating must be equipped with helmets and protective gear, which are divided into wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads. The helmet is mostly composed of EPS foam and ABS shell. The EPS foam is generally black, so it is best to choose a black helmet. As for the choice of protective gear, it must be determined by the thickness. Generally speaking, the thicker the better, and the outer ABS shell should not be deformed after falling.