Beginners in roller skating should wear safety gear

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Roller skating has now become a sport that most people pay attention to. Because it has a complete set of protective gear, it has become a less dangerous item in many sports. According to incomplete statistics, the proportion of people injured by sports every year, roller skating is far lower than that of football, basketball, cycling, taekwondo and other projects.

However, as an equipment sport, we still need to take safety precautions as much as possible to avoid becoming the few injured.

First of all, before starting roller skating, be sure to wear helmets and protective gear, including wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads. Players can also choose to wear anti-fall pants and other equipment if necessary.

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Second, overcome psychological fears. Roller skating is an extremely accessible sport that any able-bodied person can master quickly. But when many people first come into contact with roller skating, they are psychologically afraid – worrying about falling.
In fact, as long as you simply master some roller skating methods and skills, you can turn this sport into fun. At the same time, wearing a helmet and protective gear can also greatly reduce the psychological burden.
Things to keep in mind before practicing roller skating:
1. Before practicing roller skating, you should make preparations first, especially the joints and ligaments of the wrist and lower limbs, and fully warm up, especially in winter.
2. Not much to say about protective gear and helmets.
3. Before roller skating, you should take off your accessories, such as watches, bracelets, cards, etc. Do not wear headphones, avoid distraction, or fail to hear external warnings in time.
4. If it is a long time roller skating, or there is no roller skating for a long time, it is recommended to check the screws and other fastening parts of the roller skates before practice, so as to avoid injuries due to problems with the roller skates during skating. Check that the roller skates for women are fastened and buckled well and the protective gear is securely worn.

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  1. Beginners should practice in an open field, flat ground without obstacles such as steps, no slopes, no motor vehicles and less pedestrians. Avoid sandy and watery places.
  2. It is forbidden to do dangerous or hinder other actions, especially in the public roller skating grounds with many people, such as several people skating hand in hand, retrograde on the speed skating track (international rules are clockwise and anticlockwise), jumping around, chasing slapstick, abrupt stop, etc.
  3. If you are taxiing on the highway, you need to strictly abide by the traffic rules, and try to choose the sidewalk and non-motorized vehicle lane for taxiing.
  4. Roller skating is an aerobic exercise, so people with severe heart disease or high blood pressure should mainly use slow skating, and it is not advisable to be too intense. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to participate in roller skating after drinking and overwork.
  5. Do everything within your means, don’t try to do it. When learning roller skating for the first time, there is a partner or coach who is skilled in skating for guidance. Minor skaters need to be supervised by an adult.

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