Buying low-quality roller skates is a bad choice

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There are many kinds of roller skates on the market, and some friends have encountered many problems when purchasing, so how to buy the right one? First of all, don’t let the appearance of the shoes dominate your choice, and second, judge mainly from the following 7 points

#1 Choice of shoe body: The combination of soft upper + hard shoe shell is recommended. Roller skating will inevitably cause some heels. The stronger the toe, the stronger the protection of the toes.

#2 Liner selection: The inner liner directly determines the comfort of the foot. Be sure to choose roller skates with a thicker liner, so that it will be comfortable to wear.

#3 Tool holder selection: The strength of the tool holder determines the safety during the roller skating process. Aluminum alloy knife holder is better, because aluminum alloy is harder and not easy to deform, but the price is more expensive.

4 Wheel selection: Wheels, as objects in direct contact with the ground, must have elasticity and wear resistance. Roller skates costing tens of dollars are often made of plastic wheels, which are not wear-resistant, durable, and easy to crack. In daily use, the degree of wear of each roller is very different. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the position of the roller regularly to prolong the service life of the roller.

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#5 Bearing selection: The quality of the bearing determines the speed and smoothness of the wheel when sliding, so it needs to be well protected. In addition, the bearing is prone to dust accumulation, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. If the sliding is not smooth after a long time, you can take it off, wash it with a neutral detergent, and add an appropriate amount of roller oil after fully drying. After re-tightening, it will be smooth again.

Other concerns are on the safety measures of shoe size and protective gear:

#6 Shoe size selection: Adult shoes are all fixed sizes, you can choose the size that fits your foot size. Of course, if you have a size 41.5 feet, 41 is a little small, and 42 is a little big. Faced with such a choice It is recommended to buy a slightly smaller 41, and the package is tighter, otherwise it will affect the experience if you wear it loosely.

Standard children’s shoes can be adjusted in size. Children are still growing, so they must support adjustable sizes. After buying them, parents should remember to adjust the size to the appropriate size for their children.

#7 Choice of protective gear: Be careful for newbies, be sure to have a suitable set of protective gear (wrist, elbow and knee pads) and helmet, safety is always the first priority.

Finally, it should be noted that: don’t buy pirated roller skates for women for petty and cheap, not only waste money, affect the use experience, but also cannot guarantee the safe sliding in use.

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