Can children learn roller skating?

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How old do you start to learn roller skating?

Many articles on the Internet now say that children should not learn roller skating before the age of 7, because they are worried about affecting development and leg deformation. In fact, there are many benefits of roller skating. It can allow children to exercise, develop perseverance, and feel the joy of success. It is very good Children’s sports. In terms of ability alone, babies over 3 years old usually already have the ability to learn roller skating.

Children over 3 years old have perfect physical control and coordination ability, strong comprehension ability and movement imitation ability, plus the advantages of soft body, low center of gravity, light weight, fearless failure, not afraid of ridicule, etc., so 3- The 5-year-old is the best learning period suggested by roller skating coaches.

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But one thing to note is that the skeletal development of young children is not yet sound, and the practice time should not be too long. Children around 4 years old should not practice roller skating for more than half an hour each time, and it is also very important to choose a good roller skating shoe.
What are the benefits of learning roller skating?
1. Learning roller skating can improve children’s physical fitness, improve children’s cardiopulmonary function, sensitivity, balance ability and physical coordination, and children’s interpersonal skills can also be greatly improved when they practice together.
2. Roller skating can comprehensively improve children’s sports potential in the following aspects: physical fitness, endurance, body balance, flexibility, coordination between the brain and various parts of the body, and the speed and accuracy of motion reflection, which can effectively improve and avoid Problems in children due to poor motor intelligence development, such as restlessness, inability to concentrate, impatience, excessive quietness, timidity, lack of desire to express, etc. In addition, compared with other sports, roller skating is more interesting and ornamental, and children are more willing to participate in it.

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  1. There are many benefits of roller skating for adults: for example, roller skating can exercise brain balance, lose weight, reduce stress, promote the improvement and metabolism of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems and respiratory system functions, and help shape the forearm and chest. The impact force caused by the joints is 50% lower than that of running, so roller skating is also a sport that many runners can replace.

    Summary: Roller skating is a sport that integrates fitness, competition, skills, entertainment and stimulation. Therefore, if guided correctly, the experience of learning roller skating will be of great benefit to both adults and children. If you need to buy a pair of high quality roller skates, I recommend you to place an order in our store, our word of mouth has been verified.

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