Can ordinary roller skates learn roller skating?

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At what age can a child learn roller skating? What foundation do you need?

Children over 4 years old can touch and learn roller skating. To learn roller skating, you must have a certain roller skating foundation and master the basic skills of sliding, cornering, and braking.

Can ordinary roller skates for women learn roller skating?

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Many kids learn to roller skate in Stanley’s Magic Roller Skates or similar casual roller skates, while others wear Flying Fish Flats. These roller skates can be used to learn roller skating. Before reaching a certain level of professionalism, these roller skates can be used but the brakes must be removed. It should be noted that some toy roller skates are not suitable for learning roller skating. Because the support and strength of toy roller skates cannot complete many actions, nor do they meet the most basic safety protection requirements.
What equipment do I need to add to learn roller skating?
Roller skating is a very competitive sport, so it is protected by full body protective gear from head to toe. When you first learn roller skating, you only need to have your own club, balls and roller skates to start practicing.
After a period of learning, after the child’s speed, strength and skills become stronger, in order to reduce the injury during training, it is necessary to prepare a full set of roller skating helmets and protective gear. VGUARD is an excellent roller skating ball protection brand in China.

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Special attention is that if the child wants to participate in the competition or have a certain level of training, a full set of protective gear is a must. Wearing full body protection also makes roller skating a very safe sport.

How to choose a club for beginner roller skating?

For children who are beginners in roller skating, they only need to consult the coach to recommend a club that is suitable for the child, and that is suitable for the child’s height and hand habit. When it comes to club selection, both Stanley and VGUARD Wade clubs are good choices. Is the child’s club left-handed or right-handed? An easy way to get your child to mop the floor with the house mop. If the child “left hand is down, right hand is up” use the left stick, if “right hand is down, left hand is up” use the right stick.

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