Detailed analysis of the shoe shell and inner boot of the roller skate component

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In terms of structural composition, a pair of roller skates can be divided into two parts: the upper shoe and the lower shoe. The upper shoe part is mainly above the knife holder, and is mainly divided into three parts: shoe shell, CUFF and inner boot; the lower shoe part is mainly below the knife holder , mainly divided into three parts: knife holder, wheels and bearings. The quality of these parts that make up the upper and lower shoes directly determines the quality of a pair of roller skates for women. Therefore, these parts also need to be paid attention to when purchasing roller skates. , let’s talk about how to distinguish the pros and cons of these parts.

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upper shoe part
1. Shoe shell
Shoe shells can be divided into hard shell shoes, semi-soft shoes and fully soft shoes.
Hard shell shoes are all skeletons, mostly made of PVC and PU materials. Generally speaking, PU materials are better, have strong support and good durability, but the comfort and wrapping are average, and there is almost no softening, damage and leakage.
Semi-soft shoes use a mesh skeleton to increase the area and hardness of the skeleton, and pursue better support than the soft upper. The shoe body is not easily deformed when doing difficult movements, because the area of ​​leather and cloth is reduced, and the wrapping of the upper becomes poor. However, it is more comfortable, and it is relatively more foot-holding; all-soft shoes have less skeleton, high comfort, but significantly lower support.

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Generally speaking, due to the emphasis on comfort, casual roller skates and FSK roller skates are mostly semi-soft shoes; flat shoes, FSK shoes, extreme shoes are generally semi-soft shoes or hard shell shoes with good support; FSK shoes, extreme shoes Choose semi-soft shoes to ensure comfort, but they have relatively high requirements on the hardness of the leggings. Professional flat shoes are mostly hard shell shoes; ice hockey shoes and speed skating shoes are special. Generally, the shoe body is made of glass fiber material, which is relatively hard and supports The strength is good, the shape is similar to the semi-soft shoes, but the hardness is very high, and most of them have no inner boot design. Professional ice hockey shoes and speed skating shoes will also use carbon fiber as the material. In addition, in order to reduce the load and give full play to the ankle strength, The uppers are relatively short.

  1. Inner boots

    The inner boot is the part inside the shoe shell that is in direct contact with the foot. Generally, it is mostly sponge, which can be disassembled independently for easy cleaning. Good inner boots are soft and comfortable, with good air permeability. It is best to choose inner boots made of memory foam, and the thickness and density must be sufficient, so that after wearing for a period of time, the inner boots will be directly shaped according to your foot shape, and it will be easy to wear. It will be more comfortable and wrap better.