Detailed analysis of wheel hardness of roller skates

High Quality Yellow Rollers
  1. 78A-80A.

    These are very soft wheels, very grippy and suitable for use outdoors on asphalt and concrete or on very slippery indoor surfaces.
  2. 84A-85A.

    These wheels are also considered soft wheels and are generally considered to be hybrid wheels that can be used both indoors or outdoors. These wheels are great for beginners (even if you’re only skating indoors) because they give you more grip and control.

Purple Outdoor Roller
3. 86A-89A.
These are the softest wheels that are really used on indoor courts like gyms, polished concrete or really smooth untreated indoor wood floor courts.
4. 90A-93A.
These medium-hard wheels provide normal grip, and they are suitable for use on polished concrete or medium-stick floors, playgrounds, and more.

Yellow Indoor Roller Pulley
  1. 94A-96A.

    This is the first class of true hard wheels. They have lower grip and are suitable for stickier floors.
  2. 97A-103A.

    These extra hard wheels are only suitable for treated and sticky rink floors and rubberized gym floors. Anything over 100A is hard to technically fall into class B. This means the wheels are very stiff and only suitable for more experienced players on sticky indoor surfaces.

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