Detailed classification of roller skating

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With the rapid development of roller skating, the “playing methods” of roller skating are becoming more and more abundant and diverse. The rich roller skating projects have their own characteristics and charms, which attract different roller skating enthusiasts. Let’s introduce them one by one. First of all, we introduce the projects that have developed well in China and have a broad mass base.

  1. Recreational roller skating

    Recreational roller skating is not a competition event, it is a free “playing game” without rules and restrictions. Any roller skating enthusiast who puts on roller skates to shuttle in the streets, parks, and squares is recreational roller skating. “Brushing the street” is an important part of recreational roller skating. Brushing the street refers to skating on the street with roller skates (not in a fixed square, park, field).
  2. Speed ​​roller skating

    Speed ​​roller skating can be known just by the name – speed roller skating is a roller skating event that competes for speed.

    Speed ​​roller skating is divided into single row and double row, of which single row is the current domestic and international mainstream. Speed ​​roller skating is divided into three categories: field races, road races, and marathon races. The characteristic of speed roller skating is the pursuit of speed (endurance is also very important in long-distance competitions), so we can find that the wheels of speed roller skates-that is, speed skates are usually large, and the common wheel diameter is 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm, the tool holder has three and four wheels.

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Athletes also wear streamlined, form-fitting athletic clothing during competitions to reduce wind resistance. Speed ​​skating is very similar to speed skating in ice and snow.
3. Roller skating
Roller skating can be divided into single-row roller skating and double-row roller skating. At present, single-row roller skating is the mainstream item in China. Roller skating is a teamwork and confrontational roller skating project in which the hand wearing roller skates holds the club and competes for the ball on the ground and shoots the ball into the opponent’s goal.
4. Freestyle roller skating
The history of freestyle roller skating is less than 20 years, which is relatively new compared with other roller skating events.
When freestyle roller skating first appeared, there was no unified name for “freestyle roller skating”. At that time, it was called “Flatland Fancy” and referred to as “Flat Flower”. Later, with the development of the project, the name was re-standardized. However, the roller skates for women worn by playing with flat flowers are called “flat shoes” and this name has been used to this day.

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5.Extreme roller skating

Extreme roller skating is mainly divided into wild street blocks and professional venues. Professional venues are divided into prop competitions and half-pipe U-shaped pools and bowls. The culture of extreme roller skating is closer to that of skateboarding. Most extreme roller skating players are in Europe and the United States, and there are only a few fans in first-tier cities in China.

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