Detailed introduction of various types of roller skating brake related actions

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  1. Support brakes have a common difficulty, which is the problem of the foot strength of the support feet. Because the support type brake basically does not put the center of gravity and force on the brake foot, all the center of gravity of the whole person must be pressed on the support wheel.
  2. Inside and outside points: After passing through the front shovel brake and the eight-wheel inner blade brake, what you need to do now is to turn the support foot point into a support wheel, and transfer the center of gravity to the support wheel. If you are just starting to practice, it is recommended to use the swing up, that is, start the wheel first, and then draw the brake foot in a circle and throw it out. If you don’t understand it, you can watch various braking videos. The quality of roller skates for women determines the perfection of roller skating action to a certain extent.

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3. Q Brake: Here I will only introduce the method of the perverted teapot to start the Q, and everyone who starts or turns around their feet can understand it by themselves. The more difficult thing about the Q brake than the internal and external points is that it has to hold the waist, and the difference between the Q brake and the perverted teapot is quite big. When getting up, the center of gravity is first pressed on the sliding foot (usually the left foot), and then the brake foot is thrown out. At the same time, the starting wheel is pressed, and the waist is pushed forward, and the center of gravity is pressed on the clicking wheel. The Q-brake is actually not difficult. The main difficulty is in the strength of the feet and whether it can support the waist. Pay attention to these two points, and the Q-brake can be learned very quickly.
4. En Sui: When En Sui first came out, the level was very high, but after several years of circulation, the difficulty of En Sui has been decreasing. Now it is the brake of the performance class, and it is difficult to see it on the field. The front of Ensui is the inverted T-brake. The way to get up is like this: slide backwards, put the brake foot in front of the sliding foot like an inverted T-brake (but don’t step on it), then press your knees together and press down (a feeling of kneeling). Keep your upper body straight and look straight ahead or at the sky. (Don’t look down, otherwise it’s easy to brake your teeth or your face and chest)

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  1. Double brakes: In fact, double brakes are the most difficult brakes in the second stage and require the most perseverance. Double brakes are the basis of drift brakes, and they are also more practical brakes in flower brakes (many downhill brakes are braked with double brakes or MAGIC). How to start: Glide, squat down slightly, stagger your feet slightly, and then use the strength of your knees and calves to kick out. The center of gravity is on both legs, but the outer legs are a little bit more. What needs to be paid attention to is the shape of the upper body. In the double brake, the front shoulder must be stuck, and the hand cannot be thrown back as the body rotates.

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