Different styles of roller skates and their playability

Roller Skating for Boys

Double-row casual shoes, also known as double-row novice shoes, are a simplified version of double-row pattern shoes. The shape is like a pattern shoe, but the difference is that the brake is not adjustable like a pattern shoe ice dispenser, and the bracket is generally made of yellow nylon; the blade pressing glue is too hard, and it cannot be used for more coordinated sliding. The double row roller skates provided by the domestic roller skating rinks are all such casual shoes.

Double row figure roller skates, special shoes for figure roller skating, with hard high-top leather shoes, each wheel has different hardness, equipped with adjustable point ice device (pattern graphics shoes are not equipped with ice point device), the bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material stand or carbon fiber stand.

Outdoor Roller Skating Equipment
Double row roller skating shoes, with low-top ankle support shoes, the bracket is a high-strength aluminum alloy bracket. The super-long shoelaces and the largest deceleration glue in the double-row roller skates are its characteristics. The wheels are about 60mm and 90a. It has the most comprehensive braking effect and braking ability among all the double-row roller skates.
Roller skating derby shoes, because of the need to take into account speed and braking ability, double-row roller derby shoes are equipped with large and wide wheels with enlarged brakes and wheel lines on the friction surface, with low-top shoes and aluminum alloy brackets.
Double row speed roller skates for women, the wheels are much larger than other double row roller skates, with low-top shoes, aluminum alloy brackets, no or small brakes, the center of gravity connection design of the upper shoes and the bracket is generally the toe and the bracket. The front wheels are side-by-side, and the heel is behind the rear wheel. The design principle comes from the fact that when people run, their toes are on the ground and their heels do not touch the ground.
Jam wheel dance shoes, with loose low tops, small pointy or round brakes, aluminum brackets, can do a lot of fast dance moves and control wheels.
Double row extreme shoes, the wheels are too small, the bridge design is longer, equipped with non-adjustable brakes or not equipped with brakes, the wheel frame is provided with grooves, which can be stuck. Although there is no formal competition in the double row limit, due to the better grip, more high-risk actions can be made more perfectly and safely, so many exhibition games with high difficulty are completed by double row extreme roller skating players. Players are increasing.

Trend Professional Roller Skating

Double-row downhill skates have the longest bridge and widest wheels in the double-row roller skates category. Because of their high versatility with downhill skateboard parts, foreign players use skateboard parts for modification.

Double-row flat style, although the flat-ground style is not a double-row roller skating project, but some double-row roller skating enthusiasts in Europe and the United States still try their best to use double-row roller skating to do more things. It is worth mentioning that there is no double-row roller skating in the world. Double-row flat shoes, most of which are modified by players themselves, such as using flexible low-top shoes, and brackets with shorter wheelbases, without brakes, which can achieve or even surpass the flexibility of single-row flat shoes. Spend.

Double row fancy braking, the same as above, some foreign double row roller skating enthusiasts and some domestic double row roller skating players are committed to double row fancy braking. Double-row fancy braking, most of them use low-top shoes with flexible ankles and small wheels with high hardness, without brakes, so as to achieve better fancy braking effects and more fancy braking moves.

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