Do you know about the wheel material of roller skates?

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Today I will talk about the knowledge of wheels.

wheel material

Usually made from three different materials, namely plastic, resin and polyester (PU).

Plastic and resin wheels are slightly less expensive, but less resistant to wear and heat.

Good wheels are made of polyester, it’s hard-wearing, heat-resistant, and can ride for long periods of time. For those who practice for a long time, it is necessary to choose polyester wheels.

The more resilient the wheel, the better the grip.

When you buy, pay attention to the value ‘A’ on the label is the hardness, ‘mm’ is the diameter and width of the wheel, such as 80A, 72mm; the larger the value of “A”, the harder the wheel; the larger the value of “MM”, the more The bigger the wheel.

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How to choose wheels
Different wheels give us different foot feel. For example, the wheels of fancy shoes mainly have four parts: brake wheel, flat flower wheel, flash wheel and original wheel.
The hardness value “A” of the wheel mentioned above can only be used as a reference. For example, the brake wheel and the flat flower wheel, with the same hardness, the brake will appear harder, and the flat flower will appear softer.
The harder the wheel, the lower the elasticity, the worse the damping effect, and the less the grip of the wheel.
The softer the wheel, the better the damping effect, the greater the grip, the wheel does not slip, but the greater the reaction force.
So beginners choose wheels to decide which wheel is suitable for them according to the direction of their practice. You can try a variety of them first and choose the one that suits you best.
Wheel maintenance
The wheel has the most contact with the ground and wears the fastest, so the most important wheel maintenance is the inspection of the wheel.
If the wheel is found to be worn, it is necessary to change the position earlier, otherwise the wheel may be scrapped due to the partial edge.

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The method of changing the wheel has been mentioned in the previous article:

  1. Number each wheel first, 1234 for the left foot and 1234 for the right foot.
  2. Swap the number 1 of the left foot with the number 3 of the right foot, the number 2 of the left foot and the number 4 of the right foot, the number 3 of the left foot and the number 1 of the right foot, and the number 4 of the left foot and the number 2 of the right foot. Note that the inside and outside of the wheel should also be replaced, and the wheel can be turned left and right.

    It’s a good idea to check the wheels once a week for wear, and turn each wheel at the same time to see if it turns properly, and also pay attention to whether the rotation axis is bent. If the wear is serious, you can replace the new wheels.

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