Do you know how to divide roller skates by item type?

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There are various classifications of roller skates. If they are divided into groups, they can be divided into children’s roller skates and adult roller skates; if they are arranged by pulleys, they can be divided into single-row roller skates and double-row roller skates; if they are connected by shoes and wheel frames If it is divided by function, it can be divided into leisure roller skates and competitive roller skates; if it is divided into specific project types, it can be divided into leisure roller skates and flat-land fancy roller skates. Shoes, FSK freestyle roller skates, speed roller skates, extreme roller skates and roller skate shoes, etc. The following are the specific types of roller skates for these types of projects.

adult casual roller skates

Most of the roller skates we often see in daily life are casual roller skates. Generally, the so-called street roller skates refer to this kind of roller skates, which can slide in a straight line or at a large angle on flat ground. Casual roller skates are more comfortable to wear, the wheels are the same size, and have good grip and stability during the sliding process. The rear end of the shoe on the right is equipped with a brake device, which is more suitable for daily practice.

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Flat fancy roller skates
Flat fancy roller skates are the full name of the flat flower shoes that everyone talks about every day. Flat flower shoes have good flexibility, flexibility and maneuverability. They are generally designed with banana wheels (two wheels in the middle and two wheels on both sides are small) or four wheels. It is the same, but the banana stand is used to keep the two ends off the ground, and various fancy movements can be made on the flat ground. It is suitable for roller skating enthusiasts with a certain foundation, but not suitable for beginners.
FSK freestyle roller skates
The full name of FSK is Free Skating, which is translated as free-style roller skating, so it is very random, mainly including free-style street brushing, downhill, leisure, venue FSK, etc.
FSK freestyle roller skates
FSK can use single-row roller skates for women or double-row roller skates. Single-row FSK shoes have a wider and stronger upper shoe, which is used to deal with the impact of various terrains on roller skates; double-row FSK shoes have a narrower bridge and carry The brake is mainly used to facilitate more actions that can only be done with the brake, and emergency braking to improve the safety of brushing the street.

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speed roller skates

Speed ​​roller skates generally have a larger chassis and larger wheels. In order to reduce the load and give full play to the strength of the ankle, the upper of the speed skate shoes is shorter, and the height is generally at or below the bare feet, so the flexibility is higher. The shoe body is generally made of full leather, generally with 5 or 4 wheels, and some entry-level speed roller skates use 3 wheels.

extreme roller skates

Extreme roller skates, also known as skill roller skates, generally use lace-up and buckle type, the wheels are small, the distance between the front and rear wheels is closer, the base is lower than casual roller skates, the shoe shell is harder, and there is an extreme bottom plate under the base, which can be used for stepping on steps , There is a slot design in the middle of the tool holder, which is convenient for clamping the rod.

extreme roller skates

The bottom frame is longer than ordinary roller skates, there are grooves in the middle of the wheels, and the brakes are also small, which is convenient for driving in U-shaped pools or leaping between stair handrails.

Special shoes for roller skating

The special shoes for roller skating are mainly used for roller skating sports. Generally, the toe cap is made of hard engineering plastic, semi-soft upper, comfortable shoe body, forward-sloping tool holder, High-Low wheel arrangement, two small wheels at the front and two at the back. Large wheels, convenient for sprinting and acceleration, multi-lace hole design, make the shoes more snug, high heel, extra-long tongue, mainly for the special design used for competition.