Do you know under what circumstances the thrilling roller skates were invented?

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In 1760 AD, a London musical instrument maker, Joseph Merlin (who was perhaps the first to actually invent the single-row wheel), decided to make metal boots with wheels. One day he was participating in a masquerade, and he skated in through the entrance to play the violin. But before he knew how to brake or control the wheeled shoes, he crashed into a £500 mirror (which was more expensive than gold at the time), dizzy, severely cut his violin They are all fearless. The question is can he pay for the mirror? He ends his skating in front of a giant mirror, and by the end of the dance he hasn’t learned how to stop and steer. Indeed, the point of inline roller skates is not how to start, but how to stop.

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In 1819, M. Peitibled recorded the first pair of single-row pulleys in the French invention patent. The structure of the pair of shoes was composed of 2-3 wheels in a straight line, but this idea did not reach the expected “popularity”. It’s over. In London in 1823, Robert John designed a pair of skates called “rolito” by placing five wheels in a row on the bottom of the shoe. The rolito was not take seriously at the time.
In 1863, Plimpton (James) in the United States found a way to make usable roller skates. He proposes a pair of roller skates with four wheels and the wheels are side by side, roller skates which allow turning, and skating forward and backward. That is, the most traditional ice skates! In 1884, the invention of the ball bearing wheel helped the subsequent development of ice skating.
Until 1980, two brothers who love ice hockey in Minnesota, in order to continue to practice during the season, installed the wheels in the base of the knife and produced the first pair of single-row roller skates. The wheels are arranged in a straight line. The official scientific name of the skates is In-LineSkate, which has become the official name of single-row skating today.

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In 1984, Rollerblade Inc began to develop roller skates for various purposes. Rollerblade has always been a leading brand in the international flywheel industry. In 1994, it brought the ABT simple braking system to the market, which is the single row roller skates for women we see today. Inline skating is not only limited to hockey players, but has become a popular leisure sport all over the world.

In 1995, ESPN’s first extreme sports pushed Aggressive In-line Skate to the world! Stunt in-line skating originated in the United States, and its stunt shoes are also different from ordinary in-line skating. There are many accessories attached to the inline skating. Ultimately making inline skating more fun and exciting!

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