Do you like the sport of figure skating?

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For a long time, whether it is a double-row roller skating player or an in-line roller skating player, or even people outside the roller skating circle, it seems that most of them have misunderstandings about double-row roller skating, and even view double-row roller skating with a discriminatory color. Most of the people who have listened to it are the opinions of “double-row skating is outdated”, “double-row roller skating is too slow”, “double-row roller skates are bulky”, and “double-row roller skates are ugly”. However, is this really the case?

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Seeing this, let me first ask the readers, how much do you know about double row skating? What are the programs of double row skating? What styles of double row skates are there? What is the playability of double row skating? I think most of the views may be limited to the dual-row skating atmosphere in our country, that double-row roller skating is only figure skating, and that double-row roller skating shoes are only the high-top double-row shoes provided by ice rinks. In addition to rolling backwards, roller skating is spinning in circles. A few years ago, I thought so too! A person’s cognition of something really has a lot to do with the cultural connotation and popularity of the thing. Now, when I think about myself back then, I am really a frog at the bottom of the well.
First of all, let’s talk about the items of double row skating! At present, there are regular competitions in double row skating, including figure skating, roller skating, roller derby, speed roller skating, and jam roller skating.

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Artistic Roller Skating originated in the United Kingdom in the 18th century, and then developed rapidly in Germany, the United States, Canada and other European and American countries. Different from other competitive sports, figure skating is a sport that combines art and sports. In addition to mastering wheel control technology, it has extremely high requirements for athletes’ artistic expression. Under the accompaniment of music, athletes wear roller skates for women to slide out various patterns on the wooden floor, perform various skills and dance moves, and the referee decides the ranking according to the scores of the movements. Figure skating is the ancestor of the ornamental skill-type roller skating project. The flat-ground tricks in JamSkating, JbSkating, and freestyle roller skating all come from figure roller skating.