European competitions on roller skating

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Speed ​​skating, tricks, roller hockey, blocks, U-shaped pools, DOWNHILL mountain downhill, SLALOM piles, fancy high jump (HIGH JUMP) and ACROBATIC JUMP high jump (without platform), these are the main items of general European competitions. General European “ACROBATIC ROLLERSKATING” skill roller skating competitions include STREET block, RAMP U pool, SLALOM pile, HIGH JUMP platform high jump, ordinary JUMP and other projects.

There are 4 major events in Europe, SKIPASS MODENA in Italy, CHAMPIONNATS DE France in France, ROLLER FASTIVAL D’AMSTERDAM in the Netherlands and LAUSANNE in Switzerland.

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England will also have its own game in 2004. The World Roller Skating Association designated Switzerland’s LAUSANNE as the European finals for roller skating. Now SALOMON organizes BLADERCROSS’s FREESKATE competition every year in different countries in Europe (a very brutal obstacle downhill competition, in the middle of jumps, half-U pools, platforms, small pools, steps, ground with sand, big slopes and various obstacles Shuttle and reach the finish line as fast as possible.)
Now someone is proposing to join the SLIDE competition. . .

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The definition of FREESKATING is very broad, mainly based on free skating in the city, which is very similar to but not the same as FITNESS “leisure” roller skating.

Ordinary leisure skaters just regard roller skating as a way to keep fit. They only need to be able to slide, to be able to stop with a rolling brake, and to be able to take to the streets to participate in the weekly public roller skating parade. He only needs to practice some basic movements, such as how to stop, how to turn, how to accelerate and so on. He doesn’t practice SLALOM, STREET, RAMP, DOWNHILL, SLIDE, and ACROBATIC JUMP.

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