Factors to pay attention to when configuring speed skating shoes

Fashion Design Anti-collision Toe Skates

The speed skating roller skates are first to be used indoors or outdoors. The main difference is the wheels. The outdoor wheels have a large diameter and a hardness of 80A to 90A, and the indoor wheels have a hardness of 93A to 97A, and the diameter can be slightly smaller. If both indoor and outdoor speed skating are involved, outdoor wheels are generally used.

The grades of upper shoes, wheel frames, wheels and bearings should be matched. The wheel frame is very important. If you have limited funds, you must choose a qualified product, preferably a high-end wheel frame.

The common forms of double row speed skating competition are sprint, time trial, relay, etc. The standard competition venue is the same as that of single row speed skating competition, that is, a closed venue with a slope of 200 meters in circumference. Many games are often played in indoor non-ramp venues such as gymnasiums.

Adult Outdoor Skates
The technical action of double row speed skating is very different from that of single row roller skating, which is closer to the traditional water ice skating method. The starting method is quite special. Many players step on the brake on the side of the starting leg to form a stable fulcrum with the two front wheels. When starting, use this fulcrum to pop out the first step, and then step on the brakes alternately with the two legs in the first few steps. Push hard on both front wheels, then gradually lower your upper body and use the side of the wheels until you enter a straight ride. Some runners even use a squat start in order to take full advantage of the brakes.
Displacement wheel
Common double-row roller skates for women wheels have deep wheel lines, which can reduce frontal resistance. They are mostly used in projects such as RollerDerby or JamSkating. They are also very practical when brushing the street. for the drainage wheel.

Retro Trend Roller Skating

Thin wheel reel

The wheels are engraved with thin wheel lines to increase the sliding accuracy and increase the grip, which are the more common types of wheels on inline skates.

grinding wheel

It is the longest wheel on double row skating, and the sanded wheel surface can increase the grip.

Bald wheel

The wheel with the lowest basic cost on double-row roller skating has no advantages. Basically, casual shoes are used more.

stone wheel

The hardness is very high, and the unit of measurement is generally the unit of D that exceeds the unit of measurement A. It is generally used for the prescribed graphics of pattern roller skating. It has very high precision of pressing edge and very small frontal resistance on wooden floors.

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