Falling safely is a very important step in learning roller skating

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The most important thing in roller skating is to maintain the balance of the body. Balance exercises are relatively simple. It only takes a few hours of training for beginners to master balance skills, but they need to be practiced frequently to consolidate their sense of balance. Note that you need to buy roller skates for women that are suitable for you. It is not recommended for beginners to buy expensive roller skates. After learning to maintain the balance of the body, it is necessary to practice sliding. After 3 days of ground sliding practice, you can basically master it.

Beginner Roller Skating Skill 1: Standing and Balance

Standing on the spot, the feet are divided into an “eight” shape, the legs are slightly bent, the arms hang down naturally, the upper body is slightly forward, but don’t bow your head and look forward.

Roller Skating Beginner Tip 2: Slide Forward

Before practice, in order to prevent the ground from scratching the hands and knees after falling, it is best to wear knee pads on both legs and gloves on both hands.

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Take small steps and stand. Step forward with your feet slightly narrower than shoulders apart. Push forward with the inner edge of your foot to the side and back, starting with small steps, walking slowly, and then gradually increasing your speed. When walking in small steps, look forward with your eyes and shake your upper body slightly from side to side to practice moving your center of gravity and maintaining your balance.
Slide your feet parallel to the front, and experience the feeling of sliding and the feeling of body balance in the sliding state. If your feet can slide forward with the help of inertia, you can control the sliding direction of the roller skates well. This shows that the body has gradually adapted to the sliding state, and initially has the ability to control its own balance under sliding conditions.

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Roller Skating Beginner Tip 3: Slide Backwards

Stand with your feet parallel on the spot, bend your arms slightly, lean your upper body slightly forward, do a small backward slide with the gourd, and then gradually increase the range and speed.

One of the most important things in learning roller skating is falling. Learning to fall safely is the most important step to avoid injury. The training of safe fall is to disperse the impact of the fall through the protective gear and the whole body. When falling, keep the body falling forward, avoid falling backward or let a certain part of the body fully bear the impact, such as the buttocks, chin, Wrists, elbows, knees, etc., to reduce the extent of injury to a single area.

Lean forward, kneel down on your knees, lie down, slide forward with your palms touching the ground, and let your body stretch out at the same time, and then fall to the ground completely. It is completely dispersed, so that a single part will not suffer too much and too heavy damage.

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