Has your child started to learn roller skating?

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  1. Enhance physical fitness

    What is the use of children learning skating? What are the benefits of children learning skating? How about the quality of roller skates specially made for children? It is understood that if children learn ice skating, they can effectively enhance their physique, because children need to use their own physical strength skillfully for skating. Long-term exercise and learning skating will help enhance their physique and effectively reduce children’s infirmities.
  2. Improve the spirit of concentration and hard work

    Children learning skating can also exercise their interpersonal skills. If children learn skating, parents usually send their children to professional learning institutions to learn. In the environment where they learn with many children, their interpersonal skills will be great. Improve, and if the child learns to skate, it can also exercise the spirit of hard work.

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3. Improve balance
Children learning to skate can also effectively improve their own balance. When children learn to skate, they need to constantly learn to control their own body balance. Only by finding a way to control their own body balance can they learn to skate well. In addition, children learn to skate also help left brain development.
4. Enhance joint flexibility
If a child learns to skate, it can also effectively enhance the flexibility of the joints, because children will continue to use their joints when learning to skate, which can effectively exercise the flexibility of the children’s joints for a long time. According to relevant data, children learn to skate with joint flexibility. Much more flexible than the average child who didn’t learn to skate.

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Roller skating has certain requirements on the age of children, and it is generally recommended to be over 3 years old. At this time, the child’s skeletal muscles are more adequate, the brain control ability is enhanced, and he can master larger movements. In addition, the child’s foot length should be greater than or equal to 16 cm, because roller skating is a sport that requires strength of the legs and ankles. The child’s legs and feet are narrow and the strength is relatively weak. It is difficult to control the balance of the roller skates and increase the risk of injury. And not every child is suitable for learning roller skating, and children with congenital “inner eight” who are usually prone to falling are not suitable. There are a lot of rumors about the various hazards of roller skating on the Internet. Personally, I think that children learn roller skating is just a skill, just like swimming, it is just a skill to master, and I don’t plan to let them take a professional route in the future, so I just play it a few times. It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say all kinds of hazards. But when children play roller skating, it is essential to put safety first.

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