High-quality roller skates are not afraid of sudden braking in small games

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Roller skating can not only exercise children’s physical fitness and enhance their body’s resistance, but also cultivate children’s not afraid of enduring hardships and develop a sunny and cheerful personality. Here are some common roller skating games for you.

  1. Stop at the red light and go at the green light

    It can be done while running laps or in groups. When the coach calls for a green light, the child can slide (or step), and when the coach calls for a red light, the child needs to brake (excellent roller skates can control sudden braking well). The game can also be played similarly to the wooden man.

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2. Drive a train
This is also a very traditional game. Personally, it is recommended to pay attention. First, let the children grab the waist of the students in front, because pulling the clothes may stretch for a long time. The second novice try to move forward as much as possible. If you are good at sliding, you can lean back. If the coach is sufficient, Coaches can be added to the team to protect students. At the same time, you can cooperate with the coach to shout “train”, and the children answer “come on” to liven up the atmosphere. Parents can also be invited to build a cave, and children can drill through the cave. If there are more parents, you can form a circle and the children will pass through it one by one, which is very fun. But please be careful not to step on your feet by roller skates for women!
3. Snake
Delineate the game area, the children slide in the game area, and one child plays the role of a snake. After catching other children, the caught children stand behind and pull their clothes and slide together, and then go to catch others, and they will be full. up to the number. Note that the number of people in each group should be similar, the area should be demarcated, and the coach should control the field at any time.

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  1. Pile relay race

    Each group is equipped with the same number of people. From the starting point to the end point, each person can transport a pile at a time. The pile is placed on the top of the head. After the team members reach the destination, they can be replaced by another team member. The style of action increases the difficulty and enhances the fun of the game. The teaching courses and the game are connected together, and the player with the least time in the game wins.

  2. Before starting the game, be sure to explain the game rules clearly or let the roller skating coach demonstrate first.
  3. In the game, it is recommended to first tell the children that the game is fun, no matter whether you win or lose or fall, you can’t cry, and you must obey the command.
  4. Be sure to wear roller skates and other related protective gear.
  5. It is best to find several coaches to cooperate with the game to protect the safety of the children.

    There are also many small roller skating games that can be played. We just need to combine the games that children like to play with our roller skating, such as wolf catching sheep, what time is the old wolf and old wolf, cat catching mouse, eagle catching chicken, etc. Add roller skating elements on the basis of traditional games.

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