High-quality roller skates that will let you fly like a superman

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I believe that everyone has a superhuman dream since childhood, like the feeling of walking like flying, breeze blowing, and hair flying. The appearance of roller skates for women can be said to satisfy everyone’s dream to a certain extent.

Because of the busy work in the past two years, I gradually reduced the number of times I brushed the streets. When I was in school, I joined the roller skating club, and I would go out to brush the streets with the army almost every night, so I bought a lot of roller skates. I have experienced it at all price points, but the technology is not very good, and nothing has been achieved. This article may seem relatively shallow to experts, but for novices and advanced friends, it should be quite helpful. You can give me a thumbs up to encourage me.

Let me talk about it first. Many people think that roller skates are sports shoes, so buy a cheap one and you can go on the road. But to be precise, roller skates are a kind of sports equipment. Different from ordinary sports shoes, roller skates are composed of more than 100 parts, which requires more consideration and purchase from a safety perspective.

Men's Street Skates

Let me briefly introduce again, roller skates, which are usually called roller skates. Generally, there are two kinds of double-row wheels and single-row wheels, which are usually classified according to the type of play, from easy to difficult, as follows: casual shoes, flat shoes, brake shoes, speed skating shoes, roller skating shoes, extreme shoes and speed shoes drop shoes.

The last thing to remind everyone is to pay attention to the hygiene in the shoes and boots. It is easy to sweat a lot when sliding. After the roller skating is finished, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dry. You can also prepare some bamboo charcoal bags and put them in after the sliding, which can effectively remove the Smells and dehumidifies.

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