How are roller skates developing in other countries?

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Roller skating was introduced to China in the 19th century, when it was limited to individual coastal cities as a recreational activity. It was not until the early 1980s that roller skating began to spread from south to north as a sport in China, and simple roller skating places were built in various places for young people to enjoy leisure and entertainment. Roller skating has exerted great influence among young people, and the number of people who love and participate in roller skating has increased rapidly, gradually forming a certain mass base.

In 1980, the China Roller Skating Association was formally established and joined the International Roller Skating Federation in September of the same year, which strengthened the communication between the Chinese Roller Skating Organization and the International Roller Skating Organization. At the same time, formal roller skating competitions began to appear, and the development of roller skating in China began to move from mass entertainment to formal sports.

At present, my country has established a relatively complete competition management system in the speed roller skating and figure roller skating events, and the development of these two events will soon become one of the strong events in Asia.

Roller skates are also called roller skates, and they are called differently in different regions. Although you can usually see enthusiasts playing, few people know how many types of roller skates there are. Today, I will introduce you one by one.

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Casual roller skates:
With heel brake, emphasizing comfort, the knife holder and the shoe are integrated, and the wheels are made of polyester material to ensure sufficient elasticity and grip.
Racing roller skates:
The upper is relatively short (no clipping pot), and the shoe body is made of full leather. It is characterized by a low center of gravity for stability while sliding, and its racing wheel side friction is large for acceleration.
Skill roller skates:
The lace and buckle type are mostly used, so that it is not easy to cause danger due to the loosening of the shoe buckle when doing stunts. The base is also lower than casual, roller skates to maintain a lower center of gravity, and the shell is stiffer to provide safety protection against violent impacts

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Flat Fancy Roller Skates:

Also known as flat flower shoes, mainly used for fancy piling, fancy brakes, FSK, etc., and can also be used for street brushing. The characteristics of flat flower shoes are mainly reflected in their wheels. The four wheels on one shoe are not the same size, but the middle two are slightly larger (generally 4mm larger than the diameter of the front and rear wheels), which makes the steering and various flowers. movements are more flexible.

Roller skating shoes:

Most of the shoe shells of dynamic roller skates for women are impact-resistant shells. The knife holder is directly mounted on the base of the shoe shell. The wheels are also not the same size, but the rear two wheels are large and the first two wheels are small, which is convenient for sudden acceleration.

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