How do beginners choose between double-row roller skating and single-row roller skating?

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Let me introduce to you several styles of roller skating shoes and the general outline of double row roller skating. I believe you have a look in your heart.

Now, let’s answer some big questions about double row skating.

  1. Can double-row roller skating be able to brush the street, and will the speed be very slow? All styles of double-row roller skating shoes can be used on the street as long as you match the appropriate wheels. What is a suitable wheel is a wheel with a hardness between 78A-85A. If you need to brush the street faster, you need to choose double-row roller skates for women with low-top shoes and large soft wheels. Regarding the speed of double-row roller skating, you can check the relevant information. The current world record of speed roller skating is still partially maintained by double-row roller skating.

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2. Whether the double-row roller skating is bulky and inflexible. People who think that double-row shoes are heavier than straight-row shoes, consciously go to the scale, and the result is obvious. Regarding flexibility, on the fancy control wheel, double-row roller skating and in-line roller skating are equally divided.
3. Is double row skating outdated? Due to the late development of the domestic roller skating field and the imperfect projects, domestic players tend to prefer inline roller skating, incomplete cognition and network blockade, so that double row roller skating is outdated, which is just an illusion caused by the frog at the bottom of the well.

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Double row roller skates and inline roller skates are different sports equipment, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are always people who compare the two. Shouldn’t it be the last word to compare equipment and equipment to compare each other’s physical fitness and skills? Not to mention that double-row skating and in-line skating are divided into groups. Take the world record of speed roller skating as an example. Some double-row roller skating world records held by in-line roller skating have not been broken for a long time. Physical fitness is not as good as before? Shouldn’t these things be reflected on?

The ultimate meaning of sports is not in what ranking you get, but in breaking through your own limits and making yourself stronger.

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