How do beginners learn roller skating from 0?

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Roller skating is a skill-based sport that requires us to exercise our physical coordination, so how do beginners start to practice roller skating?
(1) “T” standing method: the left heel is against the inner side of the right foot, standing in a T shape, and the upper body is slightly forward.
⑵ “V” standing law, the toes are open, the heels are close, and the wheels are pressed inward.
⑶ Parallel standing method: 2 feet parallel to the shoulder width, the upper body slightly forward.
Note: Do not add or abduct your feet during standing, keep the knife holder perpendicular to the ground, and pay attention to developing a good standing posture during normal exercise.
⑷ Squatting position: lean forward with the upper body, shoulders and back slightly higher than the hips, hands holding each other or swing naturally, legs bent, the upper body and the ground at an angle of 15-20 degrees, the knees at an angle of 90-110 degrees, and the ankles at an angle of 90-110 degrees. 50-70 degree angle.

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Pay attention to the squatting exercises that experience each movement during the practice.
moving the center of gravity
⑴Stand and step in place
Put on your roller skates for women, stand with your feet parallel to shoulder width, bend your legs slightly, lean your upper body slightly forward, your arms hang down naturally, shift your weight to your left leg, slightly lift your right leg and lower it; shift your weight to your right leg , slightly lift the left leg and then lower, so repeat and gradually increase the speed.
(2) Balance on one foot
On the basis of mastering standing in place, keep the original position, hold the railing or partner, shift the center of gravity to one leg, extend the other leg to the side, and then return to the starting position, and repeat the above actions for the other feet.
⑶ “eight” shape walking practice
Stand with your feet in a squat, shift your weight to your left foot, take a step forward with your right foot, shift your weight to your right foot, then lift your left foot and take a step forward, shift your weight to your left leg, and then lift Take a step with your right foot, shift your weight to your right leg, and repeat.
⑷ Cross walk
Standing in place, first shift the center of gravity to the left leg, retract the right leg, step towards the front and outer side of the left leg into a crossed position, then move the center of gravity to the right leg, then retract the left leg and take a left step to the starting position, repeating Practice; also practice stepping to the right.