How do grip roller skates feel?

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The most important equipment in roller skating is roller skates. Are roller skates professional, what are the classifications? In fact, roller skates can be divided into two categories according to their structure: double-row roller skates and single-row roller skates. There are many categories in single-row roller skates, so we focus on explaining the classification of single-row roller skates.

Grip roller skates

Grip roller skates mean jumps, spins and footwork of various degrees of difficulty in special venues, also known as international figure skating. The so-called “grip roller skates”, as the name suggests, are four wheels side by side in pairs, with a large horizontal grounding area and a brake on the front sole, which are most widely used in major ice rinks.

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inline skates
Inline skates are also called inline skates. As the name suggests, the wheels on each shoe line up in a straight line. Mainly divided into the following categories by function: casual shoes, speed skating shoes, flat shoes, roller skating shoes, extreme shoes.
recreational roller skates for women
In terms of leisure, it is generally used for street painting or leisure. Its wheels are the same size, with a brake on the right heel, emphasizing comfort. The shell should not be too soft or it may cause an ankle sprain
The knife holder of these types of shoes is generally integrated with the upper shoes (except for a few high-end brands), and the wheels are generally made of polyester to ensure sufficient elasticity and grip. The quality of the wheel directly affects the effect and safety of the movement.

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speed skating shoes

In order to reduce the weight and give full play to the strength of the ankle, the upper is relatively short, and the height is generally exposed on or below the instep, so the flexibility is high. The upper is full leather, so the wrapping is better. Generally, 4-wheel or 5-wheel shoes are mainly used, and now there are also 3-wheel training shoes as entry-level shoes.

The diameter of children’s wheels is generally 84-90 mm, and the diameter of adult wheels is generally 100-110 mm. In order to match the big wheels, its knife holder is longer than the average roller skate knife holder. The characteristics of speed skating shoes are that the stable center of gravity is low when sliding, and the friction force on the side of the racing wheel is large.

Flat shoes

It is mainly used for free-style roller skating such as fancy roll piles and fancy brakes, and can also be used for street brushing and leisure. It is mainly composed of upper, knife holder and wheels. The upper is mainly composed of the shell, the liner and the upper (these parts of some carbon fiber shoes are one piece and cannot be disassembled).

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