How do I care for my roller skates?

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Maintenance Tips
1. Take out the inner sleeve of the roller skates for women frequently for washing, which can deodorize and prevent bacteria from multiplying.
2. Frequent replacement of the wheels on the left and right sides can make the wheels of the skates more durable.
3. Avoid sliding on rough roads, which can extend the service life of wheels and bearings.
4. Do not replace the wheels or bearings individually, which will reduce the stability of the sliding.
5. If the bearing has been used for a long time, when the sliding is not smooth or there is a “rustling” sound, the bearing can be removed and soaked in “stain removal oil” for about half an hour to clean the impurities in the bearing, and then spray Apply oil or special bearing oil. This extends the service life of the bearing.

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6. When the product is not in use, it should be stored in a dry place without direct sunlight. This has a certain effect on preventing rust of accessories and aging of products.
It is called a bearing. After the bearing has slipped for a period of time, it is easy to have dirt in it, which affects the sliding, and the bearing is easily damaged. The precautions are as follows:
⒈ Do not slide in the place with water. If water is accidentally splashed, the bearing should be removed and wiped with a dry towel to prevent rust.
⒉Do not slide on the road with sand and gravel. Once the small sand particles enter the bearing and the inside, the balls will be destroyed quickly, resulting in the bearing not being used normally.
3. After sliding every day, remove the bearing and wipe it to keep the bearing surface clean and dry.
⒋After using the bearing for one month, if there is any abnormal noise, please carry out professional maintenance. Go to the designated store and have it maintained by a professional. First, the professional should open the bearing cover, boil the bearing and bearing cover in boiling water, and remove the dirt. After boiling, rinse the bearing and bearing cover with clean water, then dry it, and then add the special oil for the bearing. After the oil is evenly distributed among the bearing particles, seal it well. If the bearing is regularly maintained according to the above maintenance method, the bearing can be greatly extended. service life.