How do I care for the bearings and wheels of my roller skates

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Maintenance of roller skates is a very important thing, it can prolong the use time of shoes, so how to maintain it?
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The question of how to clean the bearings of roller skates is actually very important. If the roller skates contain sand in the bearings, it will inevitably affect the roller skating effect.
Roller skating enthusiasts must know. For the bearings of the roller skates, find 2 empty mineral water bottles. Personally feel that the pulsation is better (stronger), and then clean it up, as long as there is no water in it, then remove it. Put the bearing of the roller skates into a bottle, and then pour in the diesel oil, which is 2 cm higher than the bearing. It is not too expensive for gasoline or oil, because the diesel oil evaporates slowly, so that the bearings of the roller skates will not be too dry and soaked. For a day or two, then close the lid and start shaking the bottle, try to make the roller skate bearings make the biggest impact in it, in order to make the dust and the original grease fall off, after shaking the bottle a little, then pour the diesel into another An empty bottle, which can be recycled, pour out the roller skate bearings, don’t need to dry here, turn it a few times, and then you can apply grease, don’t apply too much grease, one third of each side or Half of it is enough, remember not to fill it up, cover the lid, turn it around a few times and it will be OK!

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Wheels wear out differently because of the way you ride, but whether you’re playing flats, stunts, or speed skating, the basic life extension methods for wheels are roughly the same.
⒈ Do not slide on gravel or uneven places.
⒉ The 1, 3, and 2, 4 wheels or 1, 3, 5 and 4, 2 wheels of a single foot of the roller skates should be exchanged after skating for a period of time. When the left and right wheels are found to be worn, exchange each other. .
Screws should be checked frequently for looseness and dry to prevent rusting or falling off. So check often.
The upper is maintained depending on the material used.
⒈ Speed ​​skating shoes: shoe covers can be added to the upper of speed skating shoes. Frequent replacement of shoe covers can prolong the life of the upper. Most of the uppers of speed skating shoes are leather surfaces.
⒉Other footwear: There are various upper materials, but generally use a small brush to lightly brush, do not wash with water.

When the roller skates are not worn, clean up all parts and put them in a cool and dry place that is not easy to be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid rusting of screws or bearings, discoloration of wheels and cracking of leather.