How exciting is a professional roller skating competition?

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Roller hockey comes from lawn hockey. This emerging competitive sport has attracted the attention of the public with its extraordinary thrill and excitement, and has become a major sports entertainment hotspot. Roller skating comes from its fast, exciting and intense game scene. And its use of screens, blocking tactics and player configuration are very similar to basketball. The venue is a flat and hard concrete, wood or brick floor, which is the so-called ice rink. The ideal site size is 20m x 40m or 15m x 30m. Roller skating combines the characteristics of ice hockey and polo. It is based on individual skills and teamwork. The rules of the game are loose and have strong confrontation. The sports equipment is double/inline roller skates, but it is divided into single and double Two groups compete.

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A roller derby is a contact sport in which two teams of five members go around a track in the same direction (counterclockwise). The game consists of a series of short-distance matches, with both teams appointing a disruptor to score points through the opposing team’s points. Teams attempt to disrupt the opposing jammer at the same time, attacking and defending simultaneously. There are approximately 1,250 amateur leagues around the world, nearly half of which are outside the United States. In China, there are 3 professional roller derby teams, namely Beijing Derby, Shanghai Derby and Hong Kong Derby.

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Speed ​​roller skating belongs to periodic endurance racing sports. Ultra-long distance and long distance are the basic projects of speed roller skating, and short distance is the core project. For this reason, the training guiding ideology of grasping two (long and short) items with intermediate items in the implementation of training can more effectively improve the success rate of cultivating athletes and improve the overall strength of the team and even the country. In the training of excellent speed roller skating athletes, the principle of mixing functions of aerobic metabolism and anaerobic metabolism should be followed, and targeted physical special projects should be carried out in combination with the difference in the proportion of aerobic metabolism and anaerobic metabolism in different projects. Functional training. In the United States, Australia, India, and Costa Rica, there are national speed roller skating competitions in the double-row roller skating category every year, and South Korea is also vigorously developing speed roller skating in the double-row roller skating category recently.