How harmful are inferior roller skates to children?

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Roller skating pays attention to skill, and if you are skilled, you can gallop at will, agile, fast and safe. But for beginners, every step at the beginning is full of hardships. A pair of roller skating shoes with jerky wheels will make the child sweat profusely but cannot walk an inch, killing the child’s interest in roller skating in the cradle. So how harmful are these “inferior” roller skates for women to users?

  1. Partial toughness

    The partial edge means that the knife holder is not perpendicular to the ground, and it also means that the knife holder and the sole, the leggings, and the toe are not on the same vertical line. In general, the phenomenon of partial edge is mostly within the edge. The outer deflection of the tool holder is necessary, and no proper amount of outer deflection is equal to the inner deflection. The data of the outer deviation is strict, and the excessive outer deviation will also cause the phenomenon of outer deviation. Small feet wearing large shoes will also produce slanted edges. If the roller skates are poorly wrapped and the feet sway in the lining, slanted edges will also occur.

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2. Grinding feet
The main reason is the inner liner of inferior material, the inner liner is too thin, and it does not cover the feet when worn. The problem of grinding feet when skating on roller skates is actually caused by inferior inner liner. The inner liner is a very important part of professional shoes, because the quality of the feet is directly related to the comfort and smoothness of the action. The liner that does not cover the feet will grind the feet, and it is also prone to the problem of crooked ankles.
3. Can’t slide
Many beginners of roller skating feel that they are walking rather than skating at the beginning. At this time, it is necessary to judge whether it is the problem of roller skates. The bearings of inferior roller skates do not rotate and the wheels do not move, which leads to a series of slippage. not the source of the problem.

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  1. Crooked

    The child is in the stage of growth and development. Once he chooses inferior roller skates, the child will suffer from the problem of distorted bone development. Problems such as X-legs and O-legs are very common.

    The quality of roller skates directly affects the explicit and invisible safety issues of users in the process of learning to skate, especially for children, the impact is the most obvious. There are too many types of roller skates on the market, and it is too time-consuming to compare and choose. It is best to choose a well-known roller skate brand with high quality and high quality.

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