How to assemble roller skates by yourself?

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We all know that a pair of roller skates consists of 3 large parts, upper shoes, brackets, and wheels (including bearings).

So what are the requirements to assemble a pair of double row speed roller skates by yourself?

  1. Put on shoes (low top, tight foot binding, hard sole and heel, not easy to degumming, wear-resistant)
  2. Bracket (without brake or with small brake)
  3. Wheels (indoor diameter of 62-65mm, hardness varies according to site and personal weight; outdoor 70mm or more, hardness about 80A)
  4. Bearing (strong endurance, fast speed)

Girl Outdoor and Indoor Roller Skating
The upper shoes I use are Li Ning grass professional football shoes, the brackets are hsh fiberglass nylon frames, the wheels are 62mm indoor speed pulleys, and the bearings are hsh entry-level training special bearings.
Here, I want to highlight the fiberglass nylon frame. Fiberglass nylon racks are a type of nylon racks, but not all nylon racks can be called fiberglass nylon racks. The glass fiber nylon frame is based on the material of the ordinary nylon frame by adding glass fiber material, so as to play the role of higher strength and longer durability. At present, the fiberglass stents on the domestic and foreign markets are all black and have a matte surface. The ordinary nylon frame is standard on children’s shoes and casual shoes, with different colors (mostly yellow and white), and the ordinary nylon frame will reflect light against the light.
For football shoes, first use a saw blade to saw off the bottom nails, then draw 2 parallel straight lines at the widest part of the sole and the widest part of the heel, take the center point, and then the line drawn by connecting the two points is the center line of the sole.
Then align the bottom plate of the bracket to the center line and operate by one person (use a marker to mark the position of the screw hole on the sole, and then use an electric drill to drill the hole);

Expensive Skates

Multi-person operation (one person firmly presses the bottom plate, and the other person punches a hole with an electric drill).

After drilling the holes, screw on the upper shoe and the bottom plate (put the spacer). Then, install the tripod on the bottom plate and install the wheels.

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