How to choose parts for making roller skates by yourself?

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There are some roller skaters with strong hands-on ability who like to make their own pair of roller skates, or make a pair by hand as gifts for family members or friends, so they need to buy parts by themselves. This article will introduce you to how to choose roller skating accessories.

Wheel purchase points:

1 When purchasing roller skates (especially entry-level shoes), do not choose roller skates for women with too large wheels (the maximum diameter of the wheels does not exceed 80mm);

2 Purchase roller skates with wheels made of PU and TPU;

3 Children who have just learned roller skating, it is best not to choose wheels that are all flashlights. A pair of shoes with 2 flash wheels is almost the same. No matter how many flash wheels, children will feel difficult when they just learn roller skating.

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Bearing purchase points:
1 Don’t try to turn the wheel on the roller skate by hand, rely on the rotation of the wheel to detect the quality of the bearing. Because there are so many factors that influence, this method is almost useless.
2 You don’t need to pay too much attention to the bearing when entering the roller skates, just choose the brand roller skates.
When roller skating or braking, most beginners will use the brakes to slow down and brake before learning how to use the wheels to rub the ground to decelerate. Therefore, brakes are commonly used on recreational roller skates as deceleration braking parts, usually installed on the heel of the right foot, and most of them can be removed. Usually only loafers or entry-level loafers have brakes. Other roller skates with a certain degree of professionalism do not have brakes.
Precautions for the use of roller skates

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Professional shoe notes:

First: After receiving the roller skates, be sure to check whether the fixing of the wheel and the stud is firm. If not, you can use a special wrench to reinforce it.

Second: Check whether the position of the bottom nail and the upper shoe is firm, if not, use a Fess special wrench to reinforce it.

Third: whether the upper and lower buckles can be pulled out directly, if they are pulled out, they will affect the normal sliding and need to be replaced.

Common sense of care of casual shoes:

First: the inner pill of shoes cannot be disassembled and washed, and should be placed directly on the balcony with sufficient sunlight to dry!

Second: Check the wear level of the wheels frequently. The correct roller skating posture can reduce the wear level of the wheels!

Third: The bearing in the middle of the wheel needs to be added with special roller oil for roller skates for half a month.

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