Regarding the purchase of roller skates, novices can pay attention to these points: price, brand, size of roller skates, configuration of roller skates, and some detailed functions.

  1. Price: that is, the budget. The price of roller skates ranges from one to two hundred to several thousand. Different prices have differences in material, configuration, comfort, etc. For beginners, it is generally recommended to choose at least 300 yuan or more. The material, material, configuration and performance are all good, the effect of wearing is good, and it has a certain protective effect on the feet;

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2. Brand: The brand of roller skates for women can be divided into entry-level, advanced-level and high-end level. It is recommended for beginners to choose entry-level.
3. Size: For beginners, the foot length should be the same as the inner length of the roller skates; for roller skaters with a certain foundation, you can choose a half size or one size smaller, which is better for wrapping, and it is best to measure the foot size before buying. Methods as below:
Correct measurement method:
(1) Stand with your legs parallel, (don’t sit! Don’t squat) evenly distribute your weight on your feet.
(2) Put your foot flat on the white paper, step on the ground hard, and use a pen to point out the left and right points and the front and rear points, which are the correct foot length and width, and both feet should be measured.

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Shoe size description:

(1) The two feet of a person are basically symmetrical, and the data of the larger foot should prevail.

(2) The measured size should be roughly the same as the size you usually wear. If there is a large deviation, the measurement result is incorrect or the data is inaccurate.

(3) In special cases where the instep is too high and the foot shape is relatively small, you should choose a size that is too large; in the special case where the instep is flat and the foot shape is slender, you should choose a size that is too small.

  1. Configuration: The configuration actually depends on the price. For entry-level roller skates, it is best to choose more than 300. The configuration of wheels, uppers, linings, brackets and other aspects will be better. Too cheap configuration will not affect it. The sense of use, and the protection of the feet is also relatively poor;
  2. Differentiated functions of details: Different brands and models of roller skating shoes will have some differences in function, such as air permeability, whether the brakes are detachable, yardage adjustment, whether they can be used for both leisure and flat flowers, etc. It depends on what you have. You can choose according to your needs.