How to deal with an injury while roller skating?

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learn to stand

Try to let the baby stretch his arms to the left and right. This is not only a preparatory action before starting, but also a stable action after an emergency stop. Standing is also a big test for the baby. Parents can pull the baby’s hand from the front to help him stand firm. , guide the baby to find the center of gravity to stand, so as to learn to stand.

learn step

First let the baby do some warm-up exercises, take off the roller skates, step on the spot, raise the legs high, and increase the strength of the baby’s legs. Then put on the roller skates to step on the spot, side step and step forward. When walking, let the baby’s knees slightly bend, the thighs are slightly close, and the center of gravity is shifted to the leg that is stepping forward in time.

Learn to glide in a straight line

The essentials of the action are to form a lunge with the left foot in front, push the right foot out to the side and back, lean forward slightly with the upper body, and place the weight on the left foot. Then the right foot is retracted to the inside of the left foot, the right foot slides forward, and the left foot is pushed out to the back and outside, and the center of gravity is shifted from the left foot to the right foot.

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learning to stop
Raise the toes and let the brakes on the back of the roller skates for women rub against the ground, and the baby will stop safely. The center of gravity must be lowered and kept between the feet.
Learn to fall safely
Teach the baby to use the protective gear to disperse the impact of the fall, let the baby learn to land on the shoulders, hug the body and fall down, so as to avoid arm fractures caused by panic.
Injury treatment:
Ordinary abrasions: wash with normal saline and pay attention to protection; if there is blood on the wound, do not apply ointment for fall injuries, it should be kept dry and exposed to allow the wound to heal naturally.
Thorn flower injury: This is the most vulnerable injury during roller skating training. It will cause soil and gravel to embed into the skin, which is easy to be infected and inflamed. Therefore, the small gravel on the wound should be cleaned first, and then the wound should be disinfected with normal saline.

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Fractures: Treat with low temperature compression—immediately put cotton under the bandage, quickly bandage it, and send it to the hospital for treatment.

taxiing safety

The safety of roller skating is the biggest concern of most parents. For this reason, we also consulted Coach Cheng. Coach Cheng pointed out very carefully: roller skating is a risky sport, and there are inconveniences in doing various actions during the skating process. Safety factor, so the string of safety should be tightened so that no accident occurs.

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