How to maintain balance during roller skating?

Purple Jelly Brake Head

Before practicing roller skating, we strongly recommend that you purchase high-quality roller skates, which can reduce injuries and extend the life of your shoes.

Stand on one foot with eyes closed
Stand on each foot for 1 minute, do 1 time on each left and right foot, for 1 set.
Do 6-8 sets according to your own situation
in the absence of a visual reference
Train our body’s ability to regulate balance
First of all, our hands hang down naturally and stick to the sides of the thighs;
Close your eyes, open your arms, stand on one foot, the other foot in the air;
Do not touch the ground with the hanging foot, nor lean on the standing foot;
During this process, the body shaking is not obvious, indicating that the sense of balance is acceptable.

Black Street Skates
Jump left and right
Jump on each foot for 30 seconds
Two feet as a group, do 5-6 groups
Improve the strength of our ankles and improve the sense of balance in the lower body
First, we put two fitness circles in parallel on the ground;
Stand on one foot in a circle, with the other foot in the air;
Be careful not to touch the ground with your hanging feet;
Then bend your knees slightly and jump back and forth in another circle.

White Roller Skates Flash Wheels

single leg deadlift

Do 15-20 left and right feet, do 4-6 sets

Improve hip stability and strengthen hip muscles

Bend the knee slightly, and lift the other leg backward;

Put the weight of the body on the support leg, and at the same time our upper body leans forward;

During this process, don’t hunch your back, and you can stretch your hands forward or to both sides;

Then return to the standing position, stretch and return as one time.

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