How to make rollers on skateboards into wheels on roller skates?

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In China, there are very few double-row skating wheels to choose from, and even fewer outdoor double-row skating wheels; skateboard (longboard) wheels designed with similar specifications are of various types and different colors. However, when buying skateboard (longboard) wheels, it is basically impossible to use them directly on common double-row roller skates, except for a very small number of skateboard (longboard) wheels with offset shafts.

So, what kind of skateboard (longboard) wheels can be used directly? Check out the picture below!
red wheel

As shown in the figure, this skateboard (longboard) wheel is a typical shaft offset wheel, the bearing is installed flush with the inner surface or only recessed within 5mm; this kind of skateboard (longboard) wheel can be directly installed on the double Use directly on roller skates for women.

Next, let’s take a look at the skateboard (longboard) wheel in the center of the shaft.

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We can clearly see that the shaft core on which the bearing is installed is obviously centered, not flush with the inner surface. If the wheels of this type of skateboard (longboard) are directly installed on the double row skates, the tripod will be stuck, making it unusable. Therefore, to solve this problem, we must first cut the inner surface to offset the shaft core.

At present, there are two main ways to cut the wheel, one is to use a mechanical lathe or CNC lathe to cut the wheel; the other is to use a hacksaw to manually cut the wheel.

It is difficult for ordinary people to own mechanical lathes or CNC lathes, so I will not introduce them here.


If you use a hacksaw to manually cut the wheel, generally draw a circle around the wide surface at 1cm-1.5cm on the inner surface of the wheel, and then use the hacksaw to cut the wheel along the position of the circle. This cutting method requires patience and strong hands-on ability to cut the wheels flat.
make rollers

Below are the cut skateboard (longboard) wheels that can be used directly on inline skates.

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Although the common double-row roller skates cannot directly use the skateboard (longboard) wheels with the center of the shaft, there are double-row extreme roller skates used in bowls and pools abroad. Use the skateboard (longboard) wheels directly in the center of the axle.

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