How to make up for the water consumed by roller skating?

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Howard, an educational psychologist at Harvard University Gardner put forward the famous theory of multiple intelligences. He believes that human intelligence is divided into nine categories: language, mathematical logic, space, music, movement, introspection, communication, natural observation and existential intelligence. Learning mathematics not only directly develops mathematical logic and spatial intelligence, but also has obvious effects on improving language and other intelligence.

Therefore, at a certain age, children only focus on one characteristic of the environment and refuse to accept things with other characteristics. When children have a strong interest in roller skates for women and roller skating, they will repeat it tirelessly until another behavior of interest occurs, which is a critical period in the development of children’s thinking. Zhihui Xuetang education experts said that in the process of children’s growth, there will be many different critical periods, which appear in different age groups of children’s growth.

The age of 3-8 is a critical period for children’s brain development, language development, and digital development. It is also a critical period for the development of innovation ability, induction ability, association ability, learning ability, and analysis ability. 90% of children in this age group have already developed their personalities and lifestyles. stereotypes. But Cheetah also wants to remind everyone here:

  1. In the process of learning roller skating, whether at home, outdoors or in the training center, the guardian must accompany you to the end;

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2. The protective gear should be fully equipped. Before taking a roller skating class or doing outdoor sports, check whether the roller skating shaft and screws are loose. If they are loose, they must be tightened;
3. The activity place should choose a smooth square, avoid puddles, sand, gravel, iron fences, sharp objects, etc., which is also a kind of damage to roller skates.
4. Do not gallop on the main road to avoid irreparable damage.
5. Roller skating not only consumes energy, but also consumes water. Especially in summer, the mouth is often dry. How to replenish the lost water in the baby’s body is also an aspect that needs attention.
The first is the quality of drinking water: try not to drink all kinds of beverages, such as soft drinks; drink boiled water, or mung bean soup, or 1% light salt water, etc., to remove heat and relieve heat, and timely replenish the body due to a lot of sweating. and lost sodium.
The second is to avoid taking too cold water: because the body temperature of a person is usually around 37 ℃, after exercise, it can rise to about 39 ℃. If you drink too cold water, it will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm, The blood vessels suddenly constrict, causing gastrointestinal disturbances, leading to indigestion.

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The third is the amount of water you drink: you sweat a lot during exercise, and the amount of water you need to drink is naturally large, but you can’t drink enough at one time, and you need to drink it in divided doses. The amount of water should generally not exceed 200 ml at a time, and the interval between two drinking water should be at least 15 minutes. In addition, the drinking speed should be slow and not too fast.

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