How to prevent injury in roller skating?

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In the process of practicing roller skating, you can strengthen the strength of breathing, increase lung capacity, and enhance cardiopulmonary function. It can also strengthen bones and muscles, promote metabolism, improve body coordination and flexibility, and more. Although roller skating has many benefits, improper practice may cause injury.

  1. Children should wear appropriate clothing and appropriate protective equipment when exercising. At the same time, parents should remind their children that they must check whether the roller skates for women are correctly worn before skating, and do not participate in very dangerous activities or sports at will because they are wearing protective equipment.
  2. If the child has participated in roller skating for a long time, they should let the child rest for at least one day a week to allow the body to recover. Do not let the child exercise at a high intensity every day to prevent excessive fatigue, and proper rest energy will be well preserved!

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3. Studies have shown that stretching before and after competition or training can increase the flexibility of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that parents incorporate stretching into their children’s daily exercise plan and do warm-up exercises before each training. Some exercises to strengthen muscles can be added in the middle, and strong muscles can prevent the occurrence of sports injuries to a certain extent. Of course, high-quality roller skates will also play a protective role to a certain extent. For children participating in competitions, it is very necessary to use some skills correctly to avoid sports injuries.
4. Tell the child to strictly abide by the safety rules during exercise, such as deliberately tripping over to injure the child. If you suddenly experience pain during exercise, you should stop the activity immediately, because muscle or ligament damage may have been caused. Continuing to run may aggravate the injury and cause irreversible consequences.

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  1. In addition to physical injuries, the stress of competition can have a negative impact on a child’s emotions. However, many coaches and parents think that the most important thing to participate in the competition is to win. You must know that children should learn hard work, fight sportsmanship, and all their efforts and progress should be encouraged and praised. We cannot be because of a loss in a competition. Punish and criticize them. The ultimate goal of sport is to allow children to have fun in sports and to develop and learn motor skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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