How to properly go down stairs in roller skates?

Girls Indoor Roller Skating

Slip down the ladder before and after. Don’t think it is a staircase, you must slip it over like a flat ground. Open your feet back and forth, and the center of gravity is in the middle! If you slide forward, it is usually about three or four wheels touching the stairs, and the center of gravity is on the heels, but between the two feet, remember to squat low and open your feet back and forth!!
Beginners start from step 1.2. The wider the step, the better (and it can’t be too exaggerated). Practice at 30, 45, 60, and 75 degrees. Pay attention to the speed to be faster, otherwise you will get stuck.
a) Slip forward: Accelerate to an appropriate speed first. When approaching the stairs, take a high kneeling position, keep your body straight, do not lean forward or backward, and slip down. Squat with your knees slightly, separate your feet back and forth, about your toes to your heels, and then tilt at a 45-degree angle. Keep your knees at a certain speed, and keep your feet at a certain distance. Start with the first step, then the second and third steps. , Fourth order, there is a chance to correct the angle again, 60 degrees…75 degrees if you are not sure, don’t try 90 degrees easily, pay attention to the softness of your knees, so as not to cause sports injuries, beginners who wear roller skates for the first time must wear belts Oh protective gear..

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b) Rear slip: practice the back slip first. Generally speaking, the back slip is more stable than the front slip. Remember to wear protective gear. Accelerate to an appropriate speed, turn into a backward slide when approaching the stairs, lunge forward and backward with your feet, and slide down. The focus is on the back foot. The most important thing is to overcome fear. When you reach the foot of the stairs, the posture will be deformed, and the feet should be stabilized. No matter what happens, you cannot merge your feet. Don’t go forward or backward.
c) Crab step: First master the basic movements of the crab step, keep the center in the middle of the feet when going down the steps, sit back, and open your hands in parallel.