If the roller skates are not selected well, it will affect the fun of roller skating

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In this young era, the ranks of roller skating enthusiasts are constantly growing, but not everyone can roller skates. Today I will share with you some roller skating beginner skills in this article, I hope it will be helpful to you.


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(1) Stand in place. Hold on to the railing or with the support of your companions, separate your feet into an “eight” shape, bend your legs slightly, and hang your arms naturally.

(2) In-situ heel raising exercises. Hold on to the railing or with the support of a partner, do both feet and one-foot calf raises in place, feel the position of the two front wheels and the brakes, and maintain a good balance.

(3) Alternately move forward and backward with both feet on the spot. Hold on to the railing or with the support of a partner, stand with your feet parallel, and move your feet alternately back and forth on the spot to experience the position of the four wheels under your feet and the feeling of rolling.

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(4) Stand still. Hold the railing or stand with the support of a partner, move the center of gravity of the body to the left on the left foot, lift the right foot (slightly off the ground), then land on the ground with 4 wheels of the right foot, move the center of gravity to the right on the right foot, lift Left foot. Lift and lower the feet alternately in turn, gradually increase the speed to a normal walking rhythm, experience the position of the four wheels under the feet, control the center of gravity of the body, and maintain the balance until it is completed independently.
(1) Stopping method of the word “eight” inside
1. When sliding forward, stand with your feet parallel and separate, first turn your right toes inward, press the ground gently with the inner wheel, shift your body’s center of gravity slightly to the left, and complete the action according to the above posture.
2. On the basis of the above actions, practice according to the “eight” stop method. The speed can be from slow to fast, step by step.

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(2) Emergency stop with both feet

  1. Stand with feet parallel and separate in place, practice the above actions in sequence, and then complete the action while sliding forward at a low speed.
  2. Maintain a certain forward sliding speed, slide forward with both feet in parallel, and do the emergency stop exercise with both feet. After mastering it, you can use the emergency stop action with both feet at will.

    At the beginning of roller skating, athletes should first learn how to stand and balance, and then slide and stop. The most important thing in the whole process is to run in well with the roller skates for women you choose. Roller skating seems to be simple, but it is still troublesome to learn. If you don’t have a solid foundation and balance skills, you are vulnerable to injury while sliding.

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