Inferior roller skates are prone to injury during sports

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Roller skating is an extremely accessible sport that anyone can learn quickly. But for many people, when they put on roller skates for the first time, there will be a psychological sense of fear-fear of falling. In fact, as long as you simply master some roller skating methods and skills, you can turn this sport into fun. Balance is the foundation of mastering roller skating. Due to the small contact area between the roller skates and the ground, and the rolling of the pulley after friction with the ground, it is difficult to master the balance. It is very important to practice balance by:

  1. Step on the spot, practice static balance, and become familiar with the performance of roller skating.
  2. Use the mutual aid method and the aid method to practice balance. Two crossbars or other objects that help each other or support each other with both hands, move back and forth, left and right, and practice balance techniques.
  3. Traction method, practice balance with the help of external force, for example, you can slide yourself through the reaction force to a stationary object; let others push yourself hard; grab a moving person or other object to make yourself move forward or backward. After you have mastered the above balance skills, you can put on your roller skates for women and hit the road yourself. After that, you can further master the skills of emergency stops, turns and backwards. Although roller skating is a leisure sport that is easy to master, there are dangers at any time, it can easily lead to trauma, so it is necessary to have safety awareness. In general, the palms, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles and head are prone to injury. Therefore, when roller skating, you must wear protective gear. Common protective gears are: helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

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Roller skating is a systemic exercise, which can promote the improvement of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system and respiratory system functions and the strengthening of metabolism, and can enhance the strength of muscles such as arms, legs, waist and abdomen and the flexibility of various joints in the body, especially It has a great effect on improving balance ability.
1. Brain: Exercise balance ability, which can be called brain balance exercise.
2. Weight loss: 30 minutes of continuous roller skating can consume about 450 calories.
3. Joints: Roller skating has about 50% less impact on joints than running.
4. Heart: Promote the improvement and metabolism of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system and respiratory system.
5. Body shape: The back of the thighs, arms and lower back are more shaped. If you strengthen the arm swing, it will also help to shape the forearm and chest.
6. Environmental protection: neither consumes energy nor causes environmental pollution.
7. Decompression: The pleasure of roller skating can relax your nervous nerves due to study and work.

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Roller skating is very entertaining and interesting. Through this sport, people can be relieved from the usual tense and heavy study and work, and the purpose of physical and mental relaxation can be achieved.

Roller skating has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. Roller skating has entered the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games competition, with a total of 9 gold medals.

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