Is sliding backwards difficult to practice?

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Pair skating is the foundation of all skating styles. If you are slipping by yourself, don’t slip on your roller skates, try to step first, and then slowly slide forward while holding the railing. Of course, this is very easy to fall. There is a personal suggestion of mine to reduce wrestling, and it can be regarded as experience! You can squat down, hold your leg with your hand, and slide your left leg forward, so that your body’s center of gravity is close to the ground, and your rhythm is well controlled, so you won’t get hurt! Then you can stand up and skate slowly, so that if you skate by yourself, you will learn faster! What’s more, in fact, if you want to learn fast, you can find a good person to skate with you, and the effect will be better!

I’ve got a slide backward motion to share with you.

Backward sliding is based on the basic mastery of forward sliding. Beginners generally start from learning “backward gourd sliding”, then learn “backward serpentine sliding”, and then transition to “single foot backward sliding”. slide”.

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(1) Slide the hoist backwards
Stand with your feet slightly apart, stand parallel, start with your toes slightly inward, bend your legs, push forward with the inner edge of your feet, and at the same time separate your heels to the sides, slide backwards and outwards to the maximum arc (the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders) ), close the heels, straighten the knees, return to the starting position, and then repeat the above-mentioned sliding movements, so that you can continue to slide backwards.
practice method
1. With the assistance of the partner holding hands face to face, experience the coordinated action of pushing the ground with both feet and twisting the ankle.
2. Stand with your feet parallel on the spot, with your arms sideways interested, lean your upper body slightly forward, and do a small backward gourd slide. Then gradually increase the amplitude and glide speed. I’m here to suggest that you buy a good pair of roller skates for women that will make your learning easier.


(2) Serpentine sliding backwards

Start standing, feet apart (about one foot apart), legs bent, toes turned slightly inward. Push on the ground with the inner wheel of your right foot, shift your body weight to the left, and slide your left foot backward. Straighten the right leg in front of the body, then place the right foot on the side of the left foot, returning to the starting position. Then push the ground with your left foot, shift your body weight to the right, and slide backwards with your right foot. Straighten your left leg in front of you, then place your left foot on the side of your right foot. Then repeat the above actions in turn. When doing the serpentine back slide, pay attention to keep the upper body leaning slightly forward, keep the knees bent, and raise the upper body side of the hands side by side.

practice method

  1. After completing the backward hoist sliding to obtain a certain speed, you can follow the above actions to serpentine backward sliding.
  2. After the left and right feet slide on the ground each time, rely on the inertia of the slide to stand and slide once in parallel with both feet to protect the correct body sliding posture and practice repeatedly.

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