Is the inner snap and resilience of the pulley important?

Outdoor Indoor Roller Pulley

Inner wheel buckle

The inner buckle, also known as the hub, is a component that is different from the outer ring.

Wheel inner buckle materials are mainly divided into two types of materials: plastic and aluminum alloy.

The plastic inner buckle means that the wheel is lighter, the speed is easier to sprint, and it is also easier to do fancy tricks on the figure roller; however, due to the limitation of the material hardness, the plastic inner buckle is prone to deformation problems in the power play, so This leads to a gap between the wheel meat and the inner buckle, which is also the reason why many people’s wheels slip and creak.

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The wheel with aluminum alloy inner buckle will be heavier than the wheel with plastic inner buckle, but the hardness of the aluminum alloy inner buckle is high, basically there is no deformation problem, and it can provide better inertial endurance and force feedback in terms of speed. The reason why the alloy inner buckle wheel is favored by senior indoor double row speed skaters. Of course, with the use of aluminum alloy inner buckle, the cost of the wheel is also increased accordingly, and the price is naturally more expensive than the wheel with plastic inner buckle.
Wheel rebound
If you drop 2 wheels of the same hardness onto a hard surface from the same height, the wheel with the better material will rebound higher, while the wheel with the poorer (cheaper) material will rebound less Some. Better rebound usually means better roll while maintaining good grip.
If you want to choose the wheel that suits you, it is to choose the wheel that suits your play style. If you tend to practice fancy wheel control skills, then a hard narrow wheel with a small diameter is suitable for you; if you want to brush the street outdoors, then a soft narrow wheel with a large diameter is suitable for you…

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Maybe you will say, what if you want to practice both fancy skills and street brushing, then I suggest you prepare one for each of these two sets of wheels. No money? Then work hard to make money! There are specialties in the surgery industry. Use the most suitable wheels to do what you want to do. This is to make the best use of everything.

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