As a professional roller skate designer, this experience also gave me a new understanding of roller skates and roller skating. Moreover, in the process of communicating with the roller skating shoe designer, I also have a clearer understanding of the structure and composition of the roller skating shoe, and know what is a pair of qualified roller skating shoes.

Today I will talk with you about all aspects of the purchase of roller skates, so that while you have a deep understanding of roller skates, you can also choose the roller skates that suit you according to your actual situation.

Adult Street Skates
There are various classifications of roller skates. If they are divided into groups, they can be divided into children’s roller skates and adult roller skates; if they are arranged by pulleys, they can be divided into single-row roller skates and double-row roller skates; if they are connected by shoes and wheel frames If it is divided by function, it can be divided into leisure roller skates and competitive roller skates; if it is divided into specific project types, it can be divided into leisure roller skates and flat fancy roller skates. Shoes, FSK freestyle roller skates, speed roller skates, extreme roller skates and roller skate shoes, etc. The following are the specific types of roller skates for these types of projects.
In terms of structural composition, a pair of roller skates can be divided into two parts: the upper shoe and the lower shoe. The upper shoe part is mainly above the knife holder, and is mainly divided into three parts: shoe shell, CUFF and inner boot; the lower shoe part is mainly below the knife holder , mainly divided into three parts: knife holder, wheels and bearings. The quality of these parts that make up the upper and lower shoes directly determines the quality of a pair of roller skates. Therefore, these parts also need to be paid attention to when purchasing roller skates. I wrote an article detailing the shells and inner boots of the roller skate components.

Men's Park Roller Skates

For roller skating novice, it is generally not recommended to choose speed skating shoes. As for other types of roller skating shoes, whether it is casual shoes, flat shoes, FSK shoes or extreme shoes, if it is not strictly required, novices can try it. However, due to the high flexibility of flat shoes, it is recommended to use flat wheels when using them.

It is recommended that you can choose non-professional-level roller skates for women at the beginning, and then choose professional-level shoes with better comprehensive performance after you have a certain basic entry.

In addition to which type of roller skates to choose, newbies can also consider roller skates with upgrade space when purchasing roller skates, so that if the performance of tool holders, wheels, bearings, etc. is not ideal after a period of use, they can replace and upgrade by themselves. Of course, You can also upgrade to bigger and better wheels or finer bearings to make the skates work better.