It is important to keep the speed of the roller skates steady

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Roller Skating Basics

taxiing straight

(1) Pushing on the ground with one foot and sliding with both feet

Push the inner edge of the right foot on the ground, push the center of gravity to the left leg that slides forward, push the right foot on the ground and quickly close with the left foot to slide with both feet, then do the left foot push, close together, alternately practice forward slide.

(2) Slide on one foot and one foot on the ground

The upper body leans forward, the arms hang down naturally, the feet are slightly apart, stand in a splayed figure, shift the center of gravity to the right leg, push the ground with the inner blade of the right foot, slide the left foot forward with force, and as the kicking action ends, Push the center of gravity to the left leg, the left leg is in a semi-squat to support the coasting, then retract the right leg forward, and at the same time push the left foot on the ground. Legs, repeat. Be sure to keep the roller skates stable, avoid falling, and try to make the time of one foot support gradually lengthen.

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(3) Preliminary experience of straight taxiing method:
The upper body is leaned forward, the shoulders and back are slightly higher than the hips, the hands are placed behind each other or swing naturally, the legs are bent, the upper body and the ground are at an angle of 15-20 degrees, the knees are at an angle of 90-110 degrees, and the ankles are at a 50-degree angle. ~70 degree angle. Hold this position for one-legged, one-legged coasting exercises.

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(4) Swing arm action for straight sliding:

The powerful swing arm swings forward and backward along the longitudinal axis of the body at an accelerated rate. When the two arms swing upward, the force of the kicking leg can be increased. At the same time, the faster the arms swing, the faster the center of gravity moves. Therefore, to increase the frequency of sliding, it is necessary to reduce the amplitude of the swing arm and speed up the frequency of the swing arm. During the practice, pay attention to understand the essentials of single-leg support, and pay attention to put the nose, the knee of the support leg, and the toes on the same vertical line. During the support process, it is not allowed to use the inner edge to support and slide. Beginners are advised to keep the knife holder perpendicular to the ground.

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