Learn why you should use branded roller skates?

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Rational answer as a two-year coach. Seven benefits of learning roller skating:

  1. Roller skating is an easy and fun activity that can be carried out for a long time. Like swimming, it is a low-impact, whole-body aerobic exercise, which is very beneficial to physical health.
  2. Roller skating can promote the coordination of large and small muscles, improve balance and concentration.
  3. “Falling” is a necessary process for every roller skating beginner. Falling is also a “practice” for children who are learning roller skating, because children who play roller skating will not regard falling as a failure, but will be anxious. Get up and continue to play. Between “falling down” and “getting up”, the child will gradually develop resistance to “frustration”, and in the future, he will not have much gain or loss in winning or losing various competitions. This is the best life education that roller skating gives children.
  4. Compared with jogging, swimming, cycling and other activities, roller skating can improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, improve cardiopulmonary function and reduce cardiovascular disease.

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5. The calories consumed by roller skating and jogging are almost equal, which can effectively control body weight and achieve body sculpting effect.
6. The impact force of roller skating on joints is only half of that of jogging, which can be used as a kind of rehabilitation project.
7. For adults, it can also relieve stress and slow down aging.
Regarding potential harm:
Roller skating has high requirements on the environment and equipment. Please choose big-name roller skates for women and protective gear. Parents should check the parts of the shoes for looseness and failure in time. If you are self-taught, be sure to choose a hard and flat open field, at least the kind of asphalt road. Never let your child run around on the track, sidewalk, etc. It is easy to fall, and it is not easy to learn.

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Be sure to instruct your child to wear a full set of protective gear (helmet, palm, elbow, knee, and knee pads) and shoes correctly under the guidance of a coach or other professional. Especially when wearing roller skates, parents and children must study how to adjust the buckle correctly. Many children’s shoes are not fastened, and the protective gear is not worn correctly, which is extremely vulnerable to injury.

After taking precautions, the potential damage is reduced by more than half. It should be noted that the preparation activities of all parts of the body must be done before starting, and the practice time should not be too long, usually within an hour a day. Children who are energetic and like to play can also extend it. Children who are self-taught should watch the video with their parents to learn the correct starting posture and avoid problems such as x/o-shaped legs and partial toughness. Some parents see that they can slide up and let their children slide freely without correcting the posture, which may cause deformation of the legs and feet.

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