Little knowledge about roller skates

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basic posture

  1. The upper body is leaned forward to form a bow about 60-70 degrees, and the eyes are looking forward at a distance of about 10 meters.
  2. The thigh and the upper body form an angle of about 140 degrees, and the knee is slightly bent at an angle of 80 degrees.
  3. The upper body is relaxed, the chest and shoulders are slightly contained, and the hips are slightly lifted back.
  4. The legs are slightly bent in a semi-squatting shape, and the two arms cooperate with the two legs to coordinate the movements to stabilize the body.

    simple glide

    Sliding is a step further from sliding away. Sliding is alternate walking with two feet, the interval is short, there is basically no single-leg support sliding in process, the center of gravity moves very little, almost straight forward; while sliding, the single-leg support slides for a long time, and the center of gravity moves greatly. In fact, the body is always “leaned” on one side or the other of the skate while skating. It should be remembered that roller skates for women never slides forward in a straight line, it should form an arc trajectory, which is the correct sliding or pedaling technique.

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1. Push the left foot on the ground diagonally to the left, and slide the right foot diagonally forward to the right. Immediately after the left foot hits the ground, the center of gravity shifts to the right foot, the left foot leaves the ground to become a floating foot, and the right foot is approached in time to prepare for the next slide. When the right foot is on the ground, the method of sliding with the left foot is the same as above.
2. Bend the legs, lower the center of gravity, and swing the arms at the sides of the body to help maintain the balance of the body.
1. The movement of the body’s center of gravity to the left or right foot should be timely.
2. During the initial practice, the steps should be small and not large.
3. Move your body’s center of gravity in time.

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  1. Every time you push the ground, you should pay attention to keep it obliquely to the side.
  2. It should be timely when floating feet and legs close to sliding feet.

  3. The abduction of the toes is not enough. When sliding on the ground, there is often a phenomenon of kicking off.
  4. When the feet are alternately rotated, the disconnection of the body’s response leads to the untimely movement of the center of gravity.

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