Mastering the basic skills is the first step in learning roller skating

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The basic skills of roller skating are more important than fancy movements. As long as the basic skills are practiced enough, and the basic steps and the use of the inner and outer blades are combined, you can basically complete most of the movements! But when practicing basic skills, you must grasp two points: steady and alive! Practice steady first, then practice alive! The following are the skills of cheetah for beginners to learn roller skating, and I hope to provide you with help!

Stability is the control of the center of gravity, which is reflected in several joints, neck joint, hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint. As long as these joints are controlled and coordinated, the problem will be solved! The specific training methods are as follows:

  1. Glide forward in a straight line with one foot

    After putting on the roller skates, after gliding forward to get the initial speed, put your hands behind your back, bend your upper body to a 60-degree angle to the horizontal, bend your knees to a 60-degree angle to the horizontal, and use your supporting foot to walk forward on one foot. Place one foot behind the supporting foot, in a parallel shape, with the front foot touching the ground with one foot, looking straight ahead. When doing this movement, you need to lean forward slightly and place your weight on the back wheel of your supporting foot. The mark of completion is the ability to maintain this position and glide for a distance of more than 40 meters.
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  2. Glide backwards in a straight line with one foot

    Similar to forward gliding, but here you need to lean back, lift your non-supporting foot forward, and hold it.
  3. Basic skills of lateral linear sliding

    It is the basic skill of what we usually call the crab step exercise.

    The heels of the two feet are opposite to the heels to form an outer figure. At the beginning, it needs to be at a certain angle. Then, one foot is forced to slide to the other side, keeping the direction-finding slide. After the speed drops to zero, use the other foot to slide from Use the force in the opposite direction, and then keep sliding, so that the semi-circular arc is constantly sliding. Once you find the feeling of measuring the line, you can slide in a straight line. When sliding in a straight line, it is very similar to the horse stance in martial arts, but here The stance of the horse needs to be in line with the feet instead of standing straight, and at the same time, the eyes need to be straight in the direction of progress.
  4. Drawing eight characters

    Drawing eight characters is a good way to control the stability of the inner and outer edges. At this time, the quality of the roller skates for women is tested. Accelerate first, then place the two feet back and forth, with the toes facing the heels, forming a line. The movement of the hands is the movement allowed by the traffic police. The hands are pointed horizontally in the same direction to drive the feet through the rotation of the upper body, slide the arc, and use the inside and outside alternately. Ren can achieve sliding eight characters. The feeling here is very similar to that in Tai Chi. The rotation of the upper body is the movement of the mind, while the movement of the feet is the movement of the body. In doing so, it is very stretched and it also exercises stability.

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